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#SatSpanks #WIP-Being Spanked By Sir Was Not On Her List Of Goals For The Day #BDSM #SpankingRomance by Kara Paul

Hello Spankos!  It's Kara here and I'm new to the hop! I share a blog with Clare and so periodically you will see stuff from me too.  I'm an aspiring author and I love spanking and BDSM romances with lots of Domestic Discipline.  Anyways my excerpt for today comes from a book I'm writing.  It's in a series, not sure whether it will be book 1 or 2 but either way of all the books I've started writing in the series this one is the closest to being finished! The excerpts I've posted so far are very rough.  So please excuse any mistakes and typos.

I posted another excerpt from this book earlier in the week. If you want to read it, you can click here.  That withstanding today's excerpt takes place when Tally and Brock arrive home. Tally is jealous of a woman who gave Brock a bunch of attention.  She doesn't believe Brock when he said he wasn't interested in the woman... let see what happens next. 

My inspiration for Brock


Silent, Brock shook his head.  

“How can a man with a genius I.Q., not see that a woman is after him? Unless, he enjoyed the attention,” she asked.  She folded her arms protectively.  The image of the cute blonde practically throwing herself onto him still pissed her off.

Long legs, slim and curvy in all the right places, what was there not to like? And him with six foot three physique that was all muscle and pure power and his wavy ash blond hair and light blues eyes and angular features with a Master's degree in Mechanical Engineering. Her other husbands called him the pretty boy intellectual. They all brought a unique aspect to her life that she wouldn't change for the world. 

Mace was the quiet leader and head of their household that they all submitted two, Ethan was the eccentric and the sweetest who lived with his heart on his sleeve and Nino was the rugged and the most protective but Brock was the strictest when it came to adhering to BDSM protocol in their home.  Being the second in charge of their home, he took his role very seriously especially when the others were away. 

“We are not having this conversation,” Brock said. 

He sighed obviously exasperated but there was no way she could let this go. She had to know why he hadn't rebuffed that woman's advances. Whether he knew it or not he was one of the hottest men in town. She heard more than a few whispers behind her back questioning how she managed to snag someone like him.  

What most the haters didn't know she three more hotties like him who shared her bead.  And they weren't just flings they were married.  Though not legally, they had a commitment ceremony where she married Mace legally and while in the midst they all pledged to love and spend their lives together. Whether it was kinky or downright weird, their love was very real which meant she had a very real claim on all of her men.

“I think we should.  You know consideration and honesty runs both ways in our marriage,” she snapped. 

Brock drummed his fingers on the top of the steering wheel while his other hand gripped the side and twisted. 

“You actually think I'm interested in her?” 

"How could you not be?"

He swore softly in French.  A language he learned courtesy of his French Canadian grandmother.

"She's gorgeous and I'm---"

"You're what Tally?  Are you criticizing my property again? Are questioning my judgment? Are you saying that I am unable to discern true beauty?  Tally what were you going to say about yourself?"

She fell silent.  His taut jaw muscles and furrowed brow told her she just crossed a line. 

"You are my wife, my world.  The day you came into my life, my heart flew into my throat and I could barely speak. Me. You know that's who I am.  And with you, I was speechless and breathless and I knew I had to have you.  I share my bed and have committed my life to you and yet you have this strange idea that I have become enamored with her is insulting."


"Because I'm your Sir," he said forcefully.  "And I don't take that role lightly."

Feeling foolish and guilty she knew her insecurities had a tendency to runaway from her. "Sorry, sir."

"I can tell you that I love you until I'm blue in the face. But I see now, you are in need of correction."


"What is it Talia?"

"When I saw her flirting with you, I sort of went crazy," she said.

"You probably missed the part where I politely excused myself."

She furled her brow.  Oops.  

"I only want you.  You are the woman I want in my bed and in my life.  You are the one I own and you will be the only woman I will ever love."

"I guess I should be more trusting of you,” she said and then nibbled her bottom lip.  

“That's a wise thought. Too bad you didn't think of that before you started this conversation,” he said. “Girl, you're in for one hell of a spanking.”

“But Sir, I know now that I was wrong,” she said.

“After you've harangued me our entire drive home,” he said. 

He was right. They turned the corner and drove onto the long driveway that led to their home. He had listened the entire time as she questioned his commitment and love all the way home.  How many times had he done it to her?  She couldn't recall one time. The trust was going in one direction, him to her.  She closed her eyes and wished she could have eaten her words.  

Brock was possessive, not jealous.  Big difference.  She was both.  He always said her insecurities were going to keep getting her into trouble and he was right again. Perhaps he would take pity on her this time considering he'd been away for so long. Probably not. 

“I wonder if handcuffs and being on my leash tonight and tomorrow will convince you that we are going to be together forever faithfully.”

She squeezed her legs as her pussy dampened her panties.  “Yes, Sir.”

“Did I say anything when that young guy offered to help you in the kitchen when Sophie could have easily helped you instead?”

She opened her mouth to speak but words failed to come out. Though she didn't do anything wrong, apparently he didn't miss anything like something as innocent as guy helping her move a box of cans to the kitchen pantry. He did have a point. 

“Hmmm? Have anything to say?”

She remained silent.  All she could do was shaking her head slowly.

“Girl, I'm talking to you and I would like an answer.”

“No, Sir you didn't make a big deal about that.”

“Have you heard of a psychological term called Projection?” he asked. 


“It's when someone attributes their own thoughts, feelings and motivation to another person. For instance, you thinking that I could even consider being with another woman was really you trying to hide the fact that you are interested in that guy who helped you. But because you know that is a bad thing you accuse me of liking that woman instead.”

Horse puckey. That guy was even the same league as you. That bitch on the other hand, would have bought scalped tickets if it meant getting her into the same game as you.  

They pulled into their driveway.  They arrived home quicker than she realized.  Any other time she would be happy to be home but now she wasn't sure if she wanted to go inside.  Receiving a spanking from her Sir for being jealous and disobedient was not on her list of goals she wanted to accomplish that day. 

Once inside, he shut the front door.

“Girl, in the front room.”

He set his keys on the table in the hall then followed her inside. He switched on the lamp light next to the sofa.  

He sighed and shook his head.  “Pants off and the panties too.”


I hope you liked it.  It's a rough draft so pardon all the errors. I hope to have it completed by December.  So stop by for updates.

Until then check out my fellow authors and their sexy spanking selections below...


  1. I can totally understand where she's coming from, but he's right to call her on it. Love the snippet, Clare.

    1. Thank you so much! You are so awesome! And you are sooo right!


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