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The Ranger’s Rules by Lily Harlem-She Can't Deny Her Body’s Reaction To His Stern Dominance #RomanceNovel #SpankingRomance


When she arrives at a remote game reserve in South Africa to work on her next project, wildlife photographer Casey Summers is more than a little annoyed that the only ranger available to escort her during her visit is gruff, ruggedly sexy Rhett Dawson. More irritating still, she is informed that for her own safety she will be required to stay with Rhett at his lodge.

Matters soon come to a head when Casey disregards one of Rhett’s rules and endangers herself in a risky attempt to get the best possible photograph, and before she knows it she finds herself over his knee for a long, hard spanking. When her reckless behavior continues, Casey quickly discovers that Rhett is more than ready to bare her bottom and punish her even more thoroughly.

Though being chastised in such a humiliating fashion infuriates Casey, she cannot deny her body’s reaction to Rhett’s stern dominance, and when he takes her in his arms and shows her what it means to be properly claimed and mastered she is left utterly spent and satisfied. But when a vicious band of poachers puts Casey’s life in danger, will Rhett be able to protect her?

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A Woman For Zachary and Hot To The Touch by Adriana Kraft-Two Sexy Romances From One Amazing Author #RomanceNovels #Menages

Double Trouble From Adriana Kraft
A Woman for Zachary
Meghan’s Playhouse, Book Two


Hot to the Touch
Swinging Games, Book Fifteen

One of my favorite recent memes from FaceBook reads as follows: When I get old, they’re never going to say “what a sweet old lady.” They’re gonna say “what on EARTH is she up to now?!”

If that sounds like trouble, hold on to your hat—we’ve got a double dose heading your way. Our two recent erotic romance ménage releases feature leading characters at mid-life.

Baby boomers ourselves, we often write characters in their 40s, 50s, and even 60s and beyond. If that’s not what trips your trigger, these two books aren’t for you – but, with any luck, all of us will reach these ages eventually, and we hope our readers do so with vim, vigor, and yes, a vibrant and active sex life. We like to think some of our characters can light the way.

Hot to the Touch takes the mid-fifties couple who star in our Swinging Games series to a clothing optional RV resort for some summer fun. In A Woman for Zachary, the early twenties heroine who starred in Seducing Cat hooks up with a mid-forties woman and an early-fifties man to ignite the spark that’s been smoldering between them.

A Woman for Zachary Blurb:

It’s New York! Broadway beckons, but Meg has more fun keeping an erotic triangle going with her current flame, Zach Cullen, and her drama coach, Josie Patrice.

Zachary Cullen has ignored Josette Patrice’s overtures for years, but she agrees to take on his latest protégé-slash-arm-candy Meghan Keenan in her off-Broadway workshop theater. Though the girl has incredible talent, Josie would stake her reputation on that little thing being a switch-hitter, like herself, and she doesn’t want Zach to be duped.

Josie sets out to seduce Meg and expose her for what she is, but all bets are off when Meg turns the tables on Josie to hook her up with Zach.

Erotic Romance Ménage
Novella, 28,000 words
eXtasy Books, August 4, 2017
Four Flames: Explicit Sex, MF, FF;
Ménage, FFM, FMF; Sex toys


Josie was shaking her head back and forth before Zach finished speaking. “That’s not enough.”
Zach closed the distance between the two of them.

She pressed her back against the wall, and he placed his palms against it, framing her head. She licked her lips.

What was he doing? She’d imagined him being this close countless times, but not in this way. Not in anger. Not struggling with his sense of fairness over sharing another woman. She kept her arms locked at her sides.

“That’s exactly what Meg said. What is enough? Do we draw lots for her?”

Josie shook her head.

“Maybe I can have her even days of the month and you odd days.”

“That might work.” Josie could hardly breathe. Zach’s male scent was overpowering. She’d agree to almost anything, if he just stayed where he was. She should be afraid of him, but she wasn’t. This was a man she’d known for a decade. He might be very angry, even deeply pained, but he wouldn’t hurt her—at least not physically.

“It works for parking cars in the winter. It’s a beginning, I guess.” His eyes darkened with a passion she couldn’t decipher. She watched his eyes shut and re-open.

And then his mouth was crushing against hers. She tried to breathe through her nostrils. His muffled groans filled her mouth. Tentatively, she lifted her hands to his shoulders. It was as if he was in a trance. She sighed and pulled him closer. Maybe she was, too.

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Hot to the Touch Blurb: 

Can the summer get any hotter? Escaping Southern Indiana summer heat, swingers Brett and Jen check out a Minnesota clothing optional RV resort, where the rules are very different from the swing lifestyle venues they’re used to. When they spot a hot looking couple in the swimming pool, they’re definitely interested, but they know better than to make the first move. Will Paul and Kim turn out to be players, or will Brett and Jen get a cold shoulder?

Erotic Romance Ménage
Short Story, 7,000 words
eXtasy Books, July 30, 2017
Four Flames: Explicit Sex, MF, FF;
Ménage, MFMF


“Hi guys,” Kim said, giving Jen a hug. “We ran into traffic, but we’re here at last. I love your outfit, Jen. That short skirt is just right for your long legs. You guys are fine dancers.”

“And you look fantastic,” Jen managed to say. “That top is so sexy. As you said, just a touch of mystery. And I love those dangling earrings. They sparkle nearly as much as you do. Absolutely stunning.”

“Thank you,” Kim murmured, turning to hug Brett.

“As stunning as you look,” Paul said, gathering Jen into his arms for a long hug. “You both look scrumptious. Good enough to eat. Right, Brett?”

Brett nodded.

Jen noticed Kim made no move to break away from Brett’s arms. She watched the olive-skinned woman drag her lips across Brett’s wrist before lifting it up and sliding onto the curved bench. Jen slid in from the other side, with the guys sitting on either end. A bare leg brushed against her left leg, a trousered one against her right. If those legs were meant to only tease, she’d be very, very upset before the night was over.

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About the Author: 

Winner of the 2014 Bisexual Book Award for erotic fiction, author Adriana Kraft is a married couple writing Sizzling Romantic Suspense and Erotic Romance for Two, Three, or More.

One man, one woman, danger and intrigue – always a happy ending, but oh, what a ride! Readers can count on our Romantic Suspense line for gutsy characters, hot sex, and breathtaking intimacy as our hero and heroine battle outer threats and inner demons to stay alive and fall in love.

A man, a woman (or two), or another man, threesomes, foursomes—what’s your fantasy? We write our Erotic Romance stories to entertain, of course, but most of all we write them because we believe in happy endings for all who fall in love, whatever their gender, sexual orientation or numerical combination. Here you’ll find multiple partners, three-way, four-way and more, swing lifestyle, lesbian, bisexual, ménage and polyamory, in both contemporary and paranormal settings.

Together we have published over thirty-five romance novels and novellas to outstanding reviews. We love hearing from readers at, and here is our website:

When It’s Time to Heat Things Up

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Dark Moon by Jessica Marting-Another #Vampire Is After Her And He Is The Only One Who Can Protect Her #RomanceNovel #PNR


Edgar Burgess has devoted his life to keeping New York free of vampires, and is usually successful at sensing and staking them… at least until the night his beautiful next door neighbor and unrequited love is enthralled and kidnapped by one. Finding Molly McKillip becomes his life’s focus at the expense of everything else.

Molly has always liked the rambunctious Burgess family, especially Edgar, but she never thought she would see them again after being lured away from her boarding house by a monster. Edgar’s rescuing her from a vampire den is a shocking and unexpected surprise, and it’s only the first one he has to deliver. Hearing him pour his heart out to her is the second. But before they can sort through their feelings for each other, they have one thing left to do: eliminate the vampire that’s still stalking Molly.


Something thudded hard against a stained glass window. Molly looked up and saw a vague black shape slam itself against the window again. “Ed? Did you stake that vampire?”

“No, he’s still out there.” He winced as Molly daubed holy water on the bite. “Vampires can’t enter consecrated buildings, even if they’re invited in. My new plan is to hide out here until morning, and then take you home.”

“But the vampire…”

“Will still be out later, and I’ll find him then. Right now, we’re safe.” 

His eyes fixed on hers, and Molly swallowed at the intensity reflected there. She couldn’t remember the last time she’d been kissed like that, even if it had to be interrupted by his injury.

“Do you have any other bites?” she asked, trying to keep her voice from shaking.

“Just scratches.” He held up his wrists, where thin ribbons of blood were already drying in reddish-brown streaks. “These shouldn’t be as bad as the bite.” Still, he cringed when Molly applied the holy water-soaked handkerchief to the wounds.

She pressed it to the bite again. “Hold this,” she said, then sat down next to him and lifted her skirt enough to reveal stockings and petticoat. In a moment of self-consciousness, she was glad that the church’s light was dim enough so he wasn’t likely to see how worn out and darned her underclothes were.

“Molly?” There was a teasing lilt to his voice.

“Give me a minute.” She pulled at her petticoat until she tore a strip of thin cotton away, then straightened her skirt. “I don’t have anything else to use as a bandage.”

“Good thinking.”

She lifted away the handkerchief and wrapped the makeshift bandage around his neck. “Can you get the pin from my dress? I need something to hold this in place.”
His eyes lifted a fraction, but he reached for the brass beetle pinned to her bodice. Her skin felt hot at his touch even through her layers of clothing, but it was over too soon as he unfastened the jewelry. She pinned the bandage in place with shaking fingers.

“Now what?” she asked. “Do we just sit here?”

A thump from the bat against the stained glass window was her reply. She sighed.

“That was an older vampire, so he may be able to stay awake until just past dawn,” Edgar said. “I still don’t think it would be a bad idea to stay here for a little while.”

When would that be? “I’m sorry for all of this,” she said.


“Because if I hadn’t come out to the construction site tonight, you wouldn’t have left early and we wouldn’t have run into a vampire. And if you had, you would have had time to stake it without worrying about me.”

“I don’t always get vampires on the first try, Molly. This wasn’t your fault.” He laced his fingers through hers. “Remember when I said I’d always protect you? This is part of that.”

Once again, Molly was struck by how warm and alive he was, and by how much she missed having contact with another person. The kiss Edgar branded her with when he burst into the church was still on her mind.

“I meant what I said back at home.”

She knew what he was referring to, but that strange fear she felt when he confessed his feelings for her was gone. Hearing those words had been a sensory overload for her that day, but now that she had some time to process what had happened, now understood her own feelings for Edgar—she was all right with this. And she wanted more than kisses from him.


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Tannin's Thunderbolt by Ravenna Tate-He Must Find A Way To Keep Her Safe #RomanceNovel, #BDSM


When Raiyana Parente learns a Mob boss wants her dead for refusing to become his business partner, she runs. With no clear plan, she ends up in the parking lot of Scotty’s Place, a posh strip club in Creek Ridge, Ohio, believing the tall, muscled biker in jeans and dirty boots is the man sent to kill her. She couldn’t be more wrong.

Sterling Tanner, known to his Demons on Wheels MC Brothers as Tannin, is hit by the thunderbolt the moment he looks into Rai’s dark eyes. But the trouble she brings with her isn’t something his MC needs. Still, what’s a man to do when the woman he has to have, no matter what, shows up?

As their rough and dirty sexual relationship burns up the sheets, Tannin must find a way to keep Rai safe from the Mob. But can he win her heart as well?


“Oh fuck me sideways. I love big tits.”

A loud of cry pleasure accompanied him fastening his mouth first on one nipple, then the other. He squeezed them together and tortured her with his teeth and tongue, passing both across her nipples. “You taste so fucking good.”

No one had ever played with her breasts this way, so rough yet tender at the same time. He squeezed the mounds in strong hands, and each time he licked or gently bit her nipples, her clit throbbed. Rai grasped his hair, pushing his face closer to them.

“I want to fuck these. I want to come on them.”

“Yes. Yes, fuck my tits.” Fuck all of me!

He pushed her backward until her knees touched the edge of the bed. With a wicked grin that sent more shivers down her spine, Tannin shoved her once more and she fell onto the bed. No one had ever done that, either, and it was more arousing than she’d have believed possible.

“Stay like that with your feet on the floor.” He unzipped his jeans and pulled them down, revealing a thick, red cock that forced a loud moan from her. Her pussy was soaked now.

Tannin tore off his boots and socks, and in an effort to get his jeans off, he nearly fell over. Rai couldn’t stop staring at his legs. Dusted with dark hair, they featured an impressive array of tats and muscles that held her spellbound. She’d never seen such a gorgeous man.

“Lady, you are fucking delicious. I love your curvy body. I’m going to fuck your tits. I’m going to fuck your mouth. I’m going to fuck your pussy, and I’m going to fuck your ass.”

Yes! She wanted that. All of it. “Yes, Tannin. Yes! Fuck me. Fuck me everywhere.”

He straddled her, shoving his cock between her breasts. “Push your titties together.”

This was a first. She squeezed them against his cock as hard as she could. He grunted a few times as he thrust, before moving off her. “Spread your legs.” Rai did as he commanded, mesmerized by this rough, powerful man. He dropped to his knees and grasped her breasts again, licking the nipples, the sides, and underneath until his saliva had coated them.

When he’d settled his dick between them a second time, and after she’d once more pushed them together, this time when he thrust, his cock slid easily against her naked flesh.

“Oh, yes. That’s it. Oh fuck, that feels so damn good.”

Rai was mesmerized by the sight of his big dick thrusting between her breasts. Each pass brought the tip closer to her chin. Veins stood out on his neck. When his thrusts grew quick and jerky, she tensed, unsure what to expect. This was so arousing. Quirky, but very sexy.

Seconds after he cried out, hot cum splashed her chin and neck. She lifted her head higher and caught some on her lips. When she licked them, enjoying the salty taste, he moaned loudly and began to thrust again.

“God! You are so fucking sexy. Open your mouth.”

As soon as she did, Tannin lifted up, pulling his swollen cock from between her breasts to hold it, poised right at her lips. He milked the shaft with one hand, groaning loudly, while more tasty cum squirted into her mouth. With his other hand, he grasped her hair and forced her head closer to him.

The gesture was so dominant that Rai’s pussy fluttered in tiny contractions, especially once he shoved his dick into her mouth and finished coming inside it. She swallowed his cum, moaning softly as goosebumps broke out over her entire body. She’d never been taken like this, and never would have imagined how much she’d love it. But she wanted more. So much more.

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Their Shy Submissive by Anya Summers-She Thought No One Wanted Her Until She Met Them #RomanceNovel #BDSM #MFM


Yvette Pfeifer is bemoaning her fate as the submissive no one wants. She left her family and friends in Florida to work as a receptionist on the exclusive resort Pleasure Island. There, her deepest hope is that she will find a Dom who will claim her and make her his. Her only problem is her crippling social anxiety; an affliction which makes it hard for her to attend any club or events.

From the moment Deke Estevez and Shep Jackson began working on Pleasure Island as catamaran captains, ferrying guests and supplies to and from Nassau, they have craved the shy, sweet, voluptuous beauty, Yvette. When she agrees to a scene with them one evening after having been stood up at the club, the trio experiences a night of hedonistic pleasure like no other.

Deke and Shep know that Yvette is the woman they’ve always wanted, but they both have past demons which threaten to destroy their budding relationship before it’s even really begun. Can they convince Yvette to be their submissive – not just the night, but for forever?

Publisher’s Note: This a short and sexy novella is part of Anya Summers’ best-selling Pleasure Island series and takes place at the same time as the first book. While we do recommend reading all the titles, it can be enjoyed as a standalone. 

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Ménage versus Polyamory: What’s the Difference? By Lisabet Sarai #RomanceNovels #MFM #FFM

You want to know
How it will be,
Me and him,
Or you and me.
You both stand there, your long hair flowin'
Eyes alive, your mind still growin'
Sayin' to me, "What can we do now that we both love you?"
I love you too.
I don't really see why can't we go on as three.

~ From “Triad” by David Cosby


In both romance and erotica, multiple-partner sexual encounters tend to be popular. It’s easy to see the appeal. One devoted, attentive lover is arousing enough—but two? Talk about blowing all your fuses!

It’s not just the added sensual pleasure that makes a threesome (or more-some!) exciting. Psychological and emotional factors ramp up the intensity: the intoxicating sense of being universally desired; the kick that comes from breaking societal rules, engaging in something more or less forbidden; the satisfaction derived from pleasing your lovers, and being pleased in return. Depending on the genders and orientations of the individuals involved, the experience may provide voyeuristic thrills as well directly experienced pleasure. For instance, a woman may enjoy watching two males coupling—or vice versa.

These days, tales of threesomes are usually labeled “ménage”, from the French, ménage a trois. In French, the term is often used for any situation where one person has two lovers during the same time period. It doesn’t necessarily imply that all three protagonists end up in bed together.  In romance and erotica, though, readers would be disappointed if a ménage story didn’t include at least one group sex scene!

Many romance books go beyond ménage, however, to portray polyamory. This is a far less familiar term, rarely encountered in keyword lists or book subcategories. What’s the difference? Polyamory (from “poly”, multiple and “amor”, love) implies a committed, loving, erotic relationship among more than two people. Usually, the participants in a polyamorous relationship live together, or at least see each other regularly. They care for and take responsibility for one another. Furthermore, they explicitly acknowledge that each member of the triad (or larger group) has the right to love and be loved by the others. Theoretically, participants in polyamory are not jealous of one another. They see themselves as a stable unit, or at least they aspire to be.

Polyamory puts more extreme demands on the partners’ adaptability, patience and self-confidence than a transient ménage. We all know a two-person marriage takes a lot of work to nurture and sustain. Adding a third individual into the relationship just makes things more complicated and more difficult.

From an author’s perspective, that’s all good, of course. Lots of conflict—lots of angst—lots of opportunity for catharsis! A one-time threesome can be light-hearted, even superficial, focusing on present pleasure, but polyamorous relationships are almost always emotionally complex.

I’ve published both simple ménage and polyamory in my two decades of writing erotica and erotic romance. Here, for instance, is an excerpt from a FFM ménage that occurs early in Incognito. Miranda, my heroine, feels compelled to explore the Fantasy Factory, a no-holds-barred sex club where the masked attendees are anonymous.

~ ~ ~

The trio rearranged itself. The slender man lay atop the woman, his penis firmly planted in her cleft. The heavier man positioned himself behind his slighter companion. Miranda flushed hot with guilt and desire as she watched his thick rod of flesh disappear ever so slowly into the darkness between those smooth cheeks. Despite his mask, she could read ecstasy on the younger man’s face, his mouth slack, his eyes screwed shut, his hands gripping the shoulders of the woman beneath him, ploughing her as he was ploughed.

“Lovely,” sighed a cultured feminine voice, close to her ear. “Don’t you agree?”

Miranda whirled round, startled and embarrassed. She hadn’t realized that she had companions in her blatant voyeurism.

They were young, close to her own age, and enough alike in stature and demeanor that they could have been siblings. Both had thick brunette hair. His was brushed back from his brow, while she wore hers in a bob with blunt bangs. They were clad in black jumpsuits that highlighted every curve and swelling of their athletic bodies. Prominent nipples capped her small breasts, clearly visible through the clinging fabric. His half-engorged organ was equally obvious.

They were masked, of course. Brown eyes gleamed behind their dominoes. It was their mouths, though, that captured Miranda’s attention, their ripe perfect lips inviting, sensuous, bowed in the perpetual promise of a smile.

Miranda ached to kiss those mouths, to trace their luscious curves with the tip of her tongue. She felt the ache in her throat, in her chest, in her painfully taut nipples, in the damp, hungry recesses of her womb. Her palms yearned to glide over those smooth thighs, those flat bellies. She wanted them, both of them, craved them in a visceral way that was totally new to her.

She stifled a moan, and took the hand the woman extended.

“I’m Marla,” the other woman said, her voice melodious and a bit husky. “And this is Marcus.” The young man smiled mysteriously but said nothing. “We were admiring your costume.”

It took Miranda a moment to recall the red velvet jumpsuit that she had chosen from Lucy’s wardrobe. It was defiantly flamboyant, clinging to her body like a sensuous second skin. A gold-colored zipper ran from the scoop neck down to her navel. Matching zippers adorned her wrists and ankles. She knew that the color suited her, contrasted with the hair spilling over her shoulders like a river of jet. She also knew how obvious it was that she was naked underneath the velvet. Not a shy garment, thought Miranda, but perhaps just right for tonight.

Choked with desire, she found it difficult to speak. “Thank you,” she managed, finally. “I like your outfits also.” What an understatement. “Are you twins?”

They gave identical, musical laughs. “Not exactly,” said the one called Marcus. “But we enjoy pretending.”

His voice was vaguely familiar. However, Miranda was too occupied with other concerns to wonder at this.

“Don’t you?” asked Marla, searching Miranda’s face.

The question was serious, and stopped her short. She did not know how to answer. Was she pretending, now? Was she playing at being someone else? Or was this her true self?

Marla still grasped her hand. “Come play with us,” she said sweetly, pulling Miranda toward one of the walls lined with couches.


In this scene, the operative word is “play”. This is not just about sensual pleasure for Miranda; she’s in the process of trying to understand her rather conflicted sexuality. However, the three-way encounter than ensues is specifically designed, by the rules of the club, to be present tense only.

In contrast, consider the following excerpt from Truce of Trust, an erotic romance that is an MFM confronts the difficulties of polyamory head on.


Greg stirred in his chair. “It’s late, and I’ve got to work tomorrow. Finish your wine, Leah, and come to bed.”

Daniel looked up abruptly. “Wait a minute. Tonight’s my night.”

“No, it’s not. Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays she’s with me. In case you’ve forgotten, this is Friday.”

“That’s not fair. She was away last night at her seminar. So she and I should be together tonight as compensation.”

“Sorry, old man.” Daniel was three years older than Greg, who liked to rub that in. “You know that’s not how the system works.”

“Well, perhaps we need to consider changing the system. Somehow it always seems to work out that Leah is away from the house on my nights.”

“Please...” Leah rose from her chair, trying to intervene, but it was as though she wasn’t there.

“I’m sorry, but that’s not my problem. Anyway, you shouldn’t be such a bad sport. After all, you had her to yourself for years.”

Daniel snorted in exaggerated disgust. “To myself? Hardly! I couldn’t make love to her without wondering if she was fantasizing about you. I couldn’t look at her without seeing the marks that you had left.”

“Marks she asked for, don’t forget.”

“That’s what you claim, at least.” Daniel was sexually adventurous, but he had no interest in BDSM. Leah knew that he was truly perplexed by the power dynamics between her and Greg.

“Believe me, I can make her beg to be beaten,” Greg said smugly. “Isn’t that true, little one?”

Leah blushed fiercely, as embarrassed as she was angry. Of course, Daniel knew this about her, but still she didn’t want to admit it out loud.

Both of them stared at her in mute accusation.

“Answer me, Leah.” Greg put a hint of steel in his voice. Shivers of anticipation raced through her in response. Her deepest instinct was to obey him, but she resisted, silent and rebellious.

“Why do you put up with him?” Daniel donned his wounded boy expression, pouting under his moustache. “All he does is hurt you. He has no respect for you. I can give you all the love and tenderness that you need.”

“You have no idea what she really needs,” said Greg softly. His aim was true, as always. Daniel slumped in momentary defeat, then roused himself.

“If that’s so, then why did she marry me?” he asked, playing his own trump card.

Leah had heard it all before, and suddenly, she couldn’t take anymore. She turned her back on them and headed for her room, ignoring their voices calling after her.

Her overnight bag was still packed from her business trip. She pulled out the dirty things and threw in some clean underwear, jeans and jerseys. She was debating whether to bring a dress when her door opened. Stubbornly, she continued her packing.

Greg towered behind her. He put his hands on her shoulders and turned her around to face him. “Where are you going, little one?”

“Away. Away from the two of you and your constant bickering.”

“He started it, after all, with his claims about things being unfair.” He bent to kiss her. She turned her head away, unwilling to be mastered, but he grasped her chin and pulled her mouth to his.

Leah didn’t want to surrender, but she couldn’t help it. She was dizzy with instantly kindled lust. He nipped at her lips, probed her with his tongue. He drank her in, consumed her. Between her thighs everything melted. The room began to smell funky, as though he already had her naked and open before him.

Without taking his mouth from her, he grabbed her nipple and twisted it, hard. Her body arched against his, the familiar pain quickly transformed to shimmering pleasure. He broke the kiss and looked down at her, shaking and helpless with desire.

“You’re mine,” he whispered. “You’ll always be mine. You just keep him around because you’re afraid to give yourself completely to me. Afraid of going too far. You don’t trust your own desires.”

Leah had a vision of Daniel, his wine glass filled to the brim with vodka, filling page after page with angry, aching prose. There was a wrenching pain in her chest. They’ve grabbed my heart and they are rending it into bloody pieces.

This pain had no sweet after-echoes. She tore herself from Greg’s grasp.

“You’re wrong.” Her throat tightened into a sob. “I love him. It’s different from the way we are, but it’s just as real.”

“If we were together, by ourselves, you’d forget him.”

“No!” His arrogance, sometimes so exciting, was nothing but frustrating to her now. “You don’t understand. He’s a part of me, just as you are.”

He reached for her again. “I’d make you forget him, Leah. I’d beat him out of you.” His voice was gentle, contrasting with the violence of his words. Underneath his bravado, she could feel his need.

Leah hardened herself, knowing she had to escape.

“Let me go, Greg.”

He stepped back and brushed his shaggy hair out of his eyes. They were brighter than normal, probably with tears. Guilt settled like a stone in her gut, but she ignored it. There’s nothing I can do, she finally realized.

“Where are you going?”

“I don’t know. To find some peace.”

“When will you be back?”

She didn’t answer. She had no idea, in fact. All she knew was that right now, despite her resolutions, she couldn’t cope with their conflicts and animosity. Let them work it out between the two of them. Let them see how they liked it when neither one of them could claim her.


Obviously, a polyamorous relationship is no picnic! In this book, Leah, Greg and Daniel all have to change in order to make their three-way connection work.

In the early days of our marriage, my husband and I tried to find another couple with whom we could try polyamory. We never succeeded in finding people where the balance of attraction was more or less equal. It takes trust to allow your lover to make love to another person. No one wants to feel left out, or cheated out of his or her fair share of attention. When all the members of the group care for, or at least are strongly attracted, to each other, these issues become less difficult. But that’s hard to manage.

In any case, I’ve been able to apply my experiences in this realm to my writing. I hope my readers like the results—both ménage and polyamory!

Contest! Leave me a comment with your email address, telling me your thoughts on this topic. I’ll randomly draw one winner who’ll get a choice of an ebook version of either Incognito or Truce of Trust!

About Lisabet 

Lisabet Sarai became addicted to words at an early age. She began reading when she was four. She wrote her first story at five years old and her first poem at seven. Since then, she has written plays, tutorials, scholarly articles, marketing brochures, software specifications, self-help books, press releases, a five-hundred page dissertation, and lots of erotica and erotic romance – nearly one hundred titles, and counting, in nearly every sub-genre—paranormal, scifi, ménage, BDSM, GLBT, and more.

Regardless of the genre, every one of her stories illustrates her motto: Imagination is the ultimate aphrodisiac.

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Is it Called A #Menage or #Polyamory #EroticRomance? #RomanceNovels With 3+ People. Where Do You Fall In The Debate?

Recently a good friend of mine, who is an author as well, were talking about books. Specifically erotic romances that feautures three or more people who were in love and in a committed exclusive relationship with each other.

She characterized this type of a relationship as polyamory.  I always considered it a menage a (fill in the french number here).

I asked her why she believed these type of books and romances were called and she gave me a very detailed, cogent and well thought out explanation.

It was so good I decided to open up this discussion to include other erotic romance authors who write in this genre as well as readers and publishers who ultimately categorize and sell the books!

I welcome all thoughtful and well meaning, non-judgmental and non-hostile discussion and thoughts on the matter.

Feel free to comment on this blog and upcoming posts from some of the best authors in this genre!

-Happy Reading

Clare Dargin

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Hiding in Plain Sight, by Lucy Felthouse-Can She Ignore Her Heart For The Sake Of Her Career #RomanticSuspense #MF


Mallory Scott is an espionage operative, working for the British government. She’s travelled all over the world, often going undercover and infiltrating criminal organisations in order to extract the intelligence needed to dismantle their operations and bring the perpetrators to justice. Given her usual targets are terrorists, people-traffickers, drug-traffickers and arms dealers, her latest assignment should be relatively simple. A small group of Brits is raking in serious money in the diamond-scamming business—and although their MO is theft and forgery, rather than hurting people, they still need to be stopped. But up until now, they’ve proved elusive—no one can catch them in the act, or find a shred of evidence against them.

That’s where Mallory comes in. She follows the group to Amsterdam, planning to get her claws in to one of the gang. Luck is on her side, and within twenty-four hours she’s lunching with Baxter Collinson, the youngest—and most handsome—diamond thief. What she’s not expecting, however, is to get on with him quite so well. Attraction bubbles between them—and for once, on Mallory’s part, it isn’t an act. For the first time in her career, Mallory struggles with what she must do.

Can she ignore her heart for the sake of her career?



Mallory Scott spotted the people she was looking for as soon as she walked into the hotel bar. Hell, she hadn’t even needed to search; they were being so loud and obnoxious they were practically screaming for attention.

Stupid, in Mallory’s opinion. If you were running an international diamond scam, surely you’d want to keep a low profile? But no, apparently these guys didn’t give a shit. Not only were they screaming for attention—and getting it, she noticed, as other patrons of the bar shot them the occasional glare—they were also projecting the fact that they were filthy rich. They were supping on the most expensive champagne money could buy and demanding oysters and caviar be brought in. The overwhelming arrogance made her blood boil, but she consoled herself with the fact that by the time she was done with them, they’d be taken down by more than a peg or two—they’d be at rock bottom.

Heading for a table in a position where she could watch them, but remain partially hidden behind a pillar, she shook her head. She could hardly believe they’d kept their multi-million-pound enterprise going for so long. If they ran their operation as sloppily as their current behaviour indicated they might, it was a miracle indeed.

Not that it mattered. They could be running the tightest ship ever known to man, and she would still find a way to take them down. It was what she did. For years now, she’d been successfully infiltrating illegal operations of varying kinds, then gradually dismantling them from the inside. Before the criminals realised what was happening, it was too late—their wrists were practically in the handcuffs, their arses on their way to jail.

This project was different from the ones she usually handled. Her past takedowns included terrorist plots, kidnappings, drugs, people-trafficking… that kind of thing. She’d been involved because sending in police or military personnel wouldn’t work. Not in those particular circumstances. To be truly effective, Mallory needed to infiltrate the organisations at the top, gain their trust—or at least enough trust to allow her to snoop—and acquire evidence of their involvement to ensure their convictions. Otherwise, rushing in and stopping the terrorists, saving people and so on, important as that was, would only affect a tiny part of the organisation. It was vital to dismantle the whole thing, from the big bosses and the money men, right down to the minions doing the leg work.

An added bonus to this approach was that the victims of these organisations, as well as being saved, would know that justice had been served to those that hurt them, and the knowledge that they’d never get the opportunity to do it again. It was dangerous but fulfilling work, and Mallory couldn’t imagine doing anything else. She loved the adrenaline rush, the challenge.

And the challenge element was precisely why this job was different. In as much as it wasn’t supposed to be particularly challenging. Intel gathered over the past year had pinpointed the what, the who—though they couldn’t yet put faces to names—the where and the how, and that had been done covertly, without the need for an undercover operative. All that remained in this case was to find out the when, so they could be caught in the act. It should have been simple, really. But the group was careful, exceedingly so. One of their number was a hacker, meaning that trying to access their emails, internet search histories and voicemails, or tap their phones without being detected was almost impossible. They were smart.

Which meant the only option remaining was the old-fashioned approach.

A honey trap. It was Mallory’s mission to attract the attention of one of the men in the group—hell, even one of the women if any of them swung that way—and slowly, slowly cultivate and exploit their relationship in order to get the information she needed. Then boom, another international criminal enterprise would bite the dust.

Which brought Mallory to her current position, dressed up in ludicrously expensive designer gear and half-hiding behind a pillar in the bar of Amsterdam’s most exclusive hotel. Someone less experienced than Mallory might have found the idea of staying out of sight ridiculous. The aim was to get the attention of one of the gang members, after all. But Mallory was at the top of her game, the very best of the best, and she knew damn well that putting in a little groundwork early on would pay off in spades. Before she did anything, before she so much as batted an eyelash in the direction of the gang, she needed to identify her target. It was pointless trying to eye-fuck with a bloke from across the room, only to discover he preferred men, or was happily married and the faithful type. That would attract the wrong kind of attention. When she did get noticed by the group, she wanted it to be for the right reasons, and on her terms. If they caught even so much as a whiff of her deception, it would be game over.

So she would watch, and wait. Then as soon as she decided which one of the group was going to be her new boyfriend, she’d move in for the kill. Figuratively speaking, of course. Killing wasn’t her job. She was capable of it, and over the course of her career had ended more than one life in self-defence, or in order to protect others, but she was no cold-blooded murderer.

She was something much more dangerous; something that no one ever saw coming.


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Lucy Felthouse is the award-winning author of erotic romance novels Stately Pleasures (named in the top 5 of’s 100 Modern Erotic Classics That You’ve Never Heard Of, and an Amazon bestseller), Eyes Wide Open (winner of the Love Romances Café’s Best Ménage Book 2015 award, and an Amazon bestseller), The Persecution of the Wolves and Hiding in Plain Sight. Including novels, short stories and novellas, she has over 160 publications to her name. 

She owns Erotica For All, and is one eighth of The Brit Babes. Find out more about her writing at, or on Twitter or Facebook. 

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Love Heals All by Alison Mello-He's Back From Deployment And She’s Still The Woman He Wants #MilitaryRomance #RomanceNovel

Love Heals All

Series: Once Broken

Author: Alison Mello

Genre: Military Romance

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I’m not the same man I once was. 

The things I’ve seen, the things I’ve done, haunt me every day…and every night. It never leaves, always scratching and clawing at the surface of my mind, driving me insane. 

When I close my eyes, the images are there. I can’t forget the pain, the fear. I don’t think anyone could.

And then there’s Brooke, the girl I left behind years ago because of my deployment. But I’m back now, and she’s still the woman I want. The connection we shared in the past is still there, as if I had never left.

The only problem is I need to find a way to heal and get rid of the demons I carry around inside, and I need to do it before it destroys me.

Before it destroys her.

|About the Author|

Alison has been writing for over a year now. Her debut book Finding Love (October 2015) was published by Siren Publishing. Her following books Needing Your Love (November 2015), Found My Love (December 2015), and Fighting for Love (January 2016) were also published with Siren to finish the Learning to Love series.

Her desire to see her books on shelves led to her next work Chasing Dreams (April 2015) She submitted it for publication with Limitless Publishing and was thrilled that it was quickly accepted. Excited to reach that goal, she moved on to the next series she had in mind and wrote Saved By a Soldier (June 2016), My Broken Soldier (July 2016), Forever My Soldier (August 2016), and A Soldier for Bella (September 2016).

Alison enjoyed reading as a child and found her passion for it again in 2011 when E.L. James’ Fifty Shades of Grey was released. Her love of reading was re-ignited and she continued reading other books in the same genre. In the summer of 2015, she decided to give writing a try and two weeks later Finding Love was born. As soon as she finished the first book, she began writing the second book in the series. Her third book was finished by the time Finding Love had been accepted for publication. Alison discovered she has a passion for writing and has spent the last year meeting new readers and sharing the love she has for writing. 

Married to her own real life hero, Alison lives with her amazing family in Massachusetts where she was born and raised. She loves having her own personal inspiration right at home and when she’s not writing she enjoys playing soccer, basketball, and football with her son.

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Passion's Brewing Storm by E.A. Reynolds-He Was Born To Love Them Both #RomanceNovel #Menage #ScifiRomance

[Siren Menage Amour: Erotic Interracial Menage a Trois Paranormal Science Fiction Romantic Suspense, M/M/F, HEA]

Cade has been in love for at least a year, but Zan has been too busy with other men and women to notice him until now. Cade knows they’re perfect for each other, but Zan is hung up on the idea that only a woman can complete them. Cade isn’t interested in a triad love, but frustrated and full of fear of losing Zan, Cade gives in. He doesn’t expect to lust after Zaria, let alone fall in love with her, but tragedy strikes Willow Brooke drawing him and Zaria together.

Eyes open, Cade realizes Zan isn’t the only one attracted to Zaria. Willing to give them a chance, he opens his heart to her. Cade comes to see that with Zaria as their third, his relationship with Zan can only be strengthened, and they will all need to be strong to conquer the danger threatening to rip their town apart.

Note: This book contains double penetration.

 A Siren Erotic Romance



He wanted a one-on-one romance with a little ménage on the side once in a while to spice things up. However, Zan was meant for a triad. It was a proven fact with his people that no one lover could ever meet all of their needs. He needed a woman to bear his children and a man’s silent strength.

It was too bad that man wouldn’t be Cade with his beautiful cerulean blue eyes. There was enough chemistry sizzling between them to power a small city, but there was no way this could go any further on Cade’s terms.

He’d put off getting involved with Cade for months even though the attraction had nearly been overpowering. He could fall for him so fast, but there was just no way for this to work.

“Zan,” Cade called as he headed for the bathroom.

“I can’t,” Zan said and his chest tightened. He pushed out a harsh breath. “It wouldn’t be right.” He removed the condom and cleaned away his juices before discarding the towel in a hamper and washing his hands.

Cade was sitting on the edge of the bed when he returned. “I know you’re fucking someone.”

“Almost always,” he commented wryly. 

He was the only unmarried member of his family left. Only one of them had a wife, which meant they’d be light on heirs. So, it was his duty to take a woman to fulfill that part of his obligation to his family. His people had engaged in the practice from the dawn of Barria’s existence, his real home.

The planet was gone now, but this little town held its bloodlines. Ninety percent of the DNA was tainted with human blood, but his brothers had managed to find mates that carried strong genetic samples from their planet. So, his brother’s children would be more alien than human.

“Are you going to cheat on your mate?” Cade asked angrily.

“You think you’re a mate?” he asked quietly as he reached for his khakis. 

He wouldn’t be surprised Cade was one of his mates. He hungered for him the way he’d never craved a man, but it didn’t change reality. Cade had been educated with a human’s beliefs and values.

His beliefs were Barrian and his desire to see a small piece of his planet right here in this town was only growing each day. However, Zan knew there would be no peace if true Barrian law was instituted, so he was willing to settle for the version that might just come into being tonight if his brother’s mate won the election.

“I wouldn’t have one,” Zan said. “I’d have two of them.”

“I don’t understand this obsession you have to fuck women. What is it about them that’s so fantastic?” Cade came to his feet, hands clenched at his sides as he glared across the semi-dark bedroom.

Cade had an older brother who’d long since renounced this town and his family. He despised his alien genes. So, Cade had inherited everything when his parents passed away. This house was too big for one little man and Zan knew how lonely Cade was, but he couldn’t fix it the way Cade wanted him, too.

“It’s not an obsession,” Zan replied. “I enjoy women. They smell good and they feel good. Besides, since Rhys and Kel have male mates, it falls to me to take a female. Our family’s bloodlines depend on it.”

“I know about family duties,” he snapped. “I have a few of my own to adhere to, but that doesn’t change a single thing between us.”

“Does your family dictate you take a woman?”

“How else can the bloodline not end with me?” he muttered and ran a hand through his hair. “My brother wants nothing to do with our heritage. He won’t even take my calls anymore.”

“Then, what’s your problem?” Zan demanded, pulling on his T-shirt.

“I prefer men, damn it,” he muttered.

“Stop the cussing. It’s not attractive on you,” Zan told him.

Cade bared his teeth in a growl. “You’re not my man, Zan,” he said icily. “You’re a fuck whenever we both have time.”

He stalked toward the bathroom and Zan grabbed his arm and jerked Cade up against him. 

“Why do you have to be so damned hard on this issue?” He kissed the side of Cade’s neck. “You pushed until you got me in bed.”

“Alicia invited me into your bed, and I still don’t know why since she wants you all to herself. I guess she realized you’d never give yourself to just her.”

He backed Cade into the wall next to the chair. Zan put one hand on the wall next to Cade’s head and cupped his jaw with the other. “Be that as it may, whenever we are together, you belong to me for that space of time, and you’ll obey me, Cade,” he said in a hard tone.

“You want to claim rights?” Cade demanded, snarling at him. “Fine. You have rights.”

Zan grunted and the calculating gleam in Cade’s eyes made him back up, wary. If Cade thought they were mates, then he had probably formulated some kind of plan in his head. That’s what lawyers did. They schemed and planned.

Cade reached for him, fingers curling at Zan’s waist. “Get back here,” he murmured.

“Careful, Cade, you could end up over my knee,” he warned in a tight tone.

“Only if you adhere to my terms for this little whatever it is,” he said, waving his free hand.

“Terms? There are no terms. You’re available when I want you, end of story,” Zan muttered in an irritated tone.

“Guess again,” Cade said softly and gave him a little smile. “You want some of this ass? Then you’ll bother to listen for a change, or don’t let the door hit you on the way out.”



Zan’s soft lips moved over his skin and his tongued snaked around the tiny point of Cade’s nipple, flicked over it, and then sucked. And Cade pushed his fingers into Zan’s thick hair moaning softly.

He basked in the sensations washing over him as Zan laved the turgid peak while his fingers pinched the other nipple hard. Breath rushed out of Cade and intense pleasure washed over him.

Zan sucked at the hard tip before lightly biting it, drawing a ragged moan from Cade. Zan bit the delicate flesh sending a slash of delicious pain through him. Zan then turned his attention to the neglected tip, lashing it as warm breath fanned Cade’s chest.

“Zan, you make me crazy with hunger,” Cade said roughly.

Zan thumped his nipple before swirling his tongue around the areola. He speared the tip and then closed his hot mouth over it. The sweet suction went straight to Cade’s dick and it jerked, hot and ready eager for action.

Cade made soft noises as Zan sucked harder. “I love that,” he confessed roughly as he pulled Zan’s hair.

Zan released his flesh and licked down over Cade’s stomach, drawing his tongue around the interesting little protrusion of his belly button. It was gold with broken blue lines and shards of crystal around it, and a tiny gold flower petal lay inside.

Zan caught it between his teeth and Cade gasped as unchecked fire spread through him. He was never prepared for the unmitigated pleasure that shot through him when Zan touched him there. It was an erogenous zone that made his cock leak and throb.

“Zan,” Cade cried breathlessly.

Zan ran a finger over the button, pinched it, and Cade gasped as pleasure rushed through him. Zan sank to his knees and gripped Cade’s thickly jutting cock and ran his tongue around the blue triangular head.

He’d rarely allowed men to go down on him before Zan because he always had to come up with some lie about the color and shape of his penis. He caught his breath as teeth lightly raked the head while a firm hand pumped the shaft.

“Fuck, Zan.” He moaned and thrust his hips forward. “Suck my dick,” he begged.

Zan tightened the suction of his mouth and sucked, sending shards of pleasure through him so extreme, he could hardly stand it. Cade tightened his grip in Zan’s hair and fucked his mouth slowly.

Zan took him deeper, sucking harder as he gripped his ass cheeks. His head came up before he sank back down, lips fastening on his flesh again. Cade screamed and trembled as he struggled to stay upright.

Then, Zan ran his fingers down the seam of his ass and let one dip past the cheeks to caress the treasure between them. The digit slipped past to breach the tight ring of muscles. The pain was a kiss of pleasure that drew a low whimper from him.

Zan lifted his head and got to his feet, then turned Cade to face the mirror over the vanity. He kissed a path down the center of his back as he reached out to open a drawer. He bit Cade’s shoulder lightly and licked over the sting before meeting his gaze in the mirror.

“I want you with every breath I take, Cade.”

Cade shivered and Zan dropped his hand on his ass and a jolt of pain rushed him. He closed his eyes savoring the ache. Zan hit him again before twisting the cap off the small bottle he’d taken from the drawer. He poured some onto the counter and dipped his fingers in it. A moment later, a drizzle of cool lube licked the pucker of his anus as a long finger pushed into his ass.

“Fuck, baby,” Cade said breathlessly. He shivered as Zan’s finger pushed in deeper and slid out. He added more lube and slipped two fingers inside, the burn building, and Cade clenched on them.

“You’re so damn tight,” Zan murmured. “I love how good you feel cradling my dick.” He kissed the side of Cade’s neck as their gazes held in the mirror. The intimacy of the moment stole his breath.

Zan fucked his fingers in, drew them out, and repeated, loosening up his body. Zan parted his fingers and withdrew them, then thrust them back in again.

“Zan, now,” he pleaded. “I’m going to go crazy if you don’t fuck me now.”

Cade groaned and panted as Zan fucked him harder.

Cade reached for his cock. It pulsed and leaked the pale blue pre-cum.

Hard and deep, Zan’s fingers drove into him, brushed his prostate and retreating before brushing up against it again, causing bliss to unfold in his belly. “Yes!”

He was going to come. He felt the need boiling in his balls like a bomb on the verge of exploding.

Zan quickly pulled his fingers free and Cade barely registered the whisper of fabric behind him. Moments later, he felt the blunt head of Zan’s dick pushed inside him.

The tight tissues of his ass were slowly parted, nerve endings firing. Cade hissed at the rush of pleasure as Zan filled him in two strokes.

“Damn, baby,” Zan cried as Cade’s inner muscles clenched around him.

Zan didn’t wait long before he gripped both of Cade’s hips and moved in him. His strokes were light and easy at first as the pleasure began to swell anew in Cade’s belly. Then, Zan took him fast and hard.

Cade caught his bottom lip between his teeth and thrust his hips back to meet Zan pump for pump. Each plunge was hotter than the one before it, and the heavy veins on Zan’s shaft massaged his ass, sending pleasure shooting through him...


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