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#Ménage? Polyamory? How about both? In #RomanceNovels- by Adriana Kraft and their Book- The Reunion #BDSM #

We Welcome Erotic Romance Author- Adriana Kraft in our series: Is There A Difference Between Erotic Menage Romance Novels and Erotic Polyamory Romance Novels?

Most of the erotic romance my husband and I write together involves sex scenes with three or more participants. Which label to place on them isn’t as straightforward as you might think, and people in the non-monogamous lifestyle might laugh at the effort to pigeonhole them.

Though many erotic romance readers and writers tend to think of “ménage” as simply meaning sex among more than two persons, the historic meaning of ménage (from the French) is “domestic establishment,” or “the persons of a household.” Naturally “ménage à trois” adds an enticing dimension, but it still technically implies a living together arrangement.

“Polyamory,” on the other hand, is somewhat simpler in its origin and implication: “Poly” means many, and “amory” means love. Polyamory is many loves. Easy? Not so much. There are what seem endless permutations and combinations of polyamory within the non-monogamous lifestyle. Some threesomes form an equilateral triangle, exclusively and equally committed to one another. Some couples view each other as their “primary,” but have additional loves outside the primary relationship, sometimes together, sometimes apart. And the list goes on.

We’ve written erotic romance that explores nearly all those possibilities. Our Swinging Games series chronicles the experience of a pair of empty-nest baby boomers who first dip their toes into the swing lifestyle, then embrace it fully across the fifteen (so far) stories in the series. Which label would those characters use? Though they sometimes have what might be called “casual sex,” they form loving relationships with some of their partners, and for a time they entered into a three-way relationship with another woman which we’re quite sure they would label “polyamory.”

An important additional dimension is whether or not any of the partners are bisexual.  Most of the women in our erotic stories swing both ways, so they tend to form FFM threesomes, whether short term or as their happy ending. In some of our four-ways, the men are also bisexual, leading to additional combinations.

In short, in the real world, what to call it depends on how the participants define it, and there are more combinations and variations than can easily be categorized. What they all share in common, however, is the centrality of open and honest communication among all involved, a continuing effort to understand and meet the needs and desires of the participants, and a loving relationship, whether for the moment or long term. Oh, and need I mention, they share happiness, pleasure, and a wide range of sexual activities and combinations.

For readers who’d like to know more about “real” polyamory and ménage relationships, sex educator, author and filmmaker Tristan Taormino has written a very straightforward and informative book about the open lifestyle and the intricacies involved:

Opening Up, available at this link: . We highly recommend it.

My favorite among our polyamory offerings is The Reunion, winner of the 2014 Bi Writer’s Association award for Best Erotica. We’re comfortable calling its trio either ménage or polyamory, because it is both. By the end of the story, an equilateral triangle has evolved through a series of tugs and pulls, and all three partners are in love with and committed to each other. At least two of the partners never saw this coming, but we’re pretty sure it fulfilled the fondest dreams of the third partner, once she saw what might be possible. Her faith that it could happen was a crucial catalyst in its development.

The Reunion, by Adriana Kraft

B&B Publishing: Ebook, Paperback

September, 2013    ASIN: B00F30CTLK

Novel: 71,000 words

Cover Artist: Dawné Dominique

Four Flames:  Explicit sex: M/F, F/F; Ménage: F/F/M, FMF, F/F/F; Multiple partners; Polyamory; light bondage; voyeurism; anal sex; sex toys.


Dark and brooding, Adam Granger was always the bad boy out of reach—but now he’s in Sarah Atkinson’s bed, the morning after their twentieth high school reunion. When Adam beats a retreat to his Pacific Palisades estate, former good girl Sarah throws caution to the wind and pursues him.

Petite copper-skinned Maria Ramirez greets Sarah at Adam’s front door. The former exotic dancer doesn’t challenge Sarah’s assumption she’s the maid—how long will it take the dark-haired beauty to figure out Maria is Adam’s live-in lover? Better yet, how long before Maria can entice her into their bed?

Determined not to rock his hard-won lifestyle, Adam resolves to push Sarah past her sexual limits so she’ll leave. When she stays, he watches helplessly as the two women fall in love with each other. Will they shut him out? And, if they let him in, what must he sacrifice?


“I’ve done the same old, same old for so long I nearly failed take the opportunity to fly out here,” Sarah said.

Maria flashed an eyebrow. “But you did, and you’re not disappointed.”

“Not at all.” Sarah squirmed closer. “You were worth the trip. And we may get Adam to come around. Imagine! I didn’t even know you existed until you met me at the door. If I hadn’t gotten up the nerve to come out here, we never would’ve met.”

“I like that word we.” Maria pecked at Sarah’s neck and hugged her tight. “You’re a pretty damn spunky lady. Adam Granger doesn’t stand a chance facing the two of us.”

“I’m not so sure,” Sarah said, fighting the feeling that all was not well in nirvana. “So, Maria, does Adam love you?”

Maria withdrew and scowled. “That’s not a word in his vocabulary. He cares for me more than he has for anyone, unless for the image of you.”

“Do you love him?”

Maria didn’t flinch. “Yes.”

“Yet you still take other women to your bed.”

“Yes. Loving a woman is quite different. I haven’t found a woman I could be true to.” She offered a quirky smile. “Yet.”

“Oh.” Sarah worked at staying calm while considering the import of Maria’s words. “But you wouldn’t give up Adam for the right woman.”

“No, the right woman would have to love him as much as me. All sides would have to have equal strength.”

“Like an equilateral triangle.”


“I wonder if that’s possible.”

Maria sighed. “Maybe it isn’t.”





We are a married couple writing Sizzling Romantic Suspense and Erotic Romance for Two, Three, or More. With backgrounds in criminology and counseling, we combine our expertise in the criminal mind, trauma, healing, and human nature with a passion for robust sexuality and life-long vitality.

One man, one woman, danger and intrigue – always a happy ending, but oh, what a ride! Our Romantic Suspense line delivers “warmth, blazing hot sex, and well-developed characters” (Romance Junkies Reviews) as our hero and heroine battle outer threats and inner demons to stay alive and fall in love.

A man, a woman (or two), or another man, threesomes, foursomes, what’s your fantasy? We write our Erotic Romance stories to entertain, of course, but most of all we write them because we believe in happy endings for all who fall in love, whatever their gender, sexual orientation or numerical combination.




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Joy To His World by Clare Dargin-Their Submission Fueled His Love And Need To Protect Them #RomanceNovel #BDSM #SpankingRomance #Menage

[Siren Menage Amour: Erotic Consensual BDSM Menage a Trois Paranormal Romantic Suspense, M/M/F, HEA]


Chris Spinell, Jilly Reimers, and Chris “Nate” Poole are happily married. Now living in a small town run by The Love Play Matchmaking Service, Chris Spinell hopes his family is safely away from the possible dangers that come from living in a big city.

Jilly and Nate cherish the life they have with Chris. They even love the fact that he is their Dom. BDSM gives them the structure and sense of belonging they’ve always wanted. However, life in Minaqua doesn’t give Chris the peace of mind he needs in order to quell his anxieties. The scars from his time in Afghanistan run so deep, Chris’s PTSD will not allow him to escape the fears that his family is at constant risk for harm.

When a stranger comes to town seeking to harm Jilly and Nate, Chris’s protective instincts are put to the test. Will he deal with this reasonably, or will he do whatever it takes to defend his family—including breaking a solemn oath?

A Siren Erotic Romance

Note: Story Contains Double Penetration


He thought about how far his life had come in such a short time. In less than ten years, he’d gone from an ex-Special Forces soldier searching for his place in the world, to an MIT graduate, to owning the second largest independently owned and operated software integration firm in Michigan. But all of that was nothing compared to the real change that happened when his sister had recommended that he join a dating service to cure his less-than-stellar love life. And Love Play had done that and much more. In their own mysterious way, they’d managed to look into his heart and find the man and woman of his dreams. Literally. The images of Jilly and Nate had haunted his dreams after he returned from Afghanistan. During that time, he didn’t know it was them, but after he met them and they spent the night together, he knew they were the ones.

How his Eros, his matchmaker at Love Play, had known baffled him. Nevertheless, he was profoundly grateful that the man or woman, or whoever his Eros was, had put the three of them together. Now, they were married, and he was happier than he’d ever been in his life. Add to it that their love had become so deep that it had blossomed into a beautiful dominant-submissive relationship with them.

The car’s internal phone rang. It was Jilly. He pressed the icon on the car’s dashboard screen and answered.

“Hi, honey, what’s up?” he asked. He was always glad to hear Jilly’s voice.

He grasped his chest, hoping the ache would fade as he longed to see her.

“I was going over the arrangements for the party,” she said. Her sweet voice was a dulcet tone that calmed him.

“I’m thinking about how people should dress,” she said, “and the basic rules for the party.”

Jilly had the great idea to plan a Christmas party for them and their BDSM friends to be held at Love Play’s mansion. When she’d mentioned it in August, he hadn’t been wild about the idea. But after a lot of cajoling from her and Nate, they’d convinced him, and he’d given her the permission to go for it, which meant they were going to attend, too.

“High protocol is not something we do, but there’s no reason that should stop other Doms from having that with their submissives. As for clothing, you know my rules for you, too. You aren’t allowed to wear anything too revealing. The only person allowed to see your ass is me and Nate, and that’s when he’s not in trouble.”

It wasn’t as if he made them walk around with bolts of fabric hanging off their bodies, but their sexuality belonged to him.

“Dueño, that was a long time ago,” Nate said, pouting.

“It won’t happen again.”

Right after Chris had collared them, Nate bought Jilly a pair of tight jeans, high heels, and a shirt that was so form fitting it showed everything the Lord had blessed her with in the chest and told her to wear his prized choker collar. Chris had damn near had a heart attack when they came home from a late lunch in Cutlerville.

Nate grinned and asked, “Doesn’t she look hot?”

Once he’d regained the ability to speak, Chris’s only reply was, “Not as hot as your ass is gonna be once I hit it with my flogger.” He ordered them both to the bedroom, flogged Nate’s ass, paddled Jilly, then fucked them without allowing either of them to orgasm. To teach Nate a lesson for encouraging Jilly to dress immodestly, he hadn’t been allow to see her bare ass for two days or have sex with her.

Nate also had to cover his eyes with his hands when Jilly wore no clothes for two days. Whereupon, Nate vowed to never encourage her to wear inappropriate clothing again.

“Dueño, I know what your rules are for us. What about the party? Kink for everyone?”

He had no appetite for that yet. He cared for his friends, especially his army buddies, the Propietarios who were into BDSM, but he wasn’t ready to see them go all out.

“This is casual, vanilla only. Leather is permitted but please do not go all out,” Chris said.

“All right, got it.”

“How are you feeling?” he asked, worried. “Still feeling worn down?”

She was at home trying to get over the remnants of a cold that lingered, giving her all sorts of problems like a fever and upset stomach. She’d feel good one moment, and then, wham, she’d have to rest because she’d be too tired to move. Despite his protests, she refused to go to the doctor again.


He sighed. “Don’t wear yourself out today. Get some rest. That’s an order. If you aren’t better by tomorrow, we’re going downtown.”

The DMC, Detroit Medical Center, was the major medical complex in the area. It was over an hour away, and he would gladly drive her to find out what was wrong. He was not willing to risk her well-being for her selfish pride or a dumb party. He hated when she was not feeling well or was in pain. He wanted to be able to shield her from the worst the world could give so she’d be able to live a life of love and happiness. She deserved that much and more. To say he loved her would be an understatement. Heck, it wouldn’t even describe the depths of his intense feelings for them. They owned him as much as he owned them. It didn’t feel right if they weren’t healthy and safe.

“I will take it easy.”

“Okay. I love you,” Chris said.

“Love you, too,” she replied. “Love you, too, Nate.”

“I’ll call you, later on, to see how you are doing,” Nate said.

Chris ended the call.

“Do you think she’ll obey?” Nate asked.



Repositioning himself, he got onto his knees and peered at her, overwhelmed by her pussy’s intoxicating scent. He felt heady.

“Who owns you?” he asked.

His own body begged for release. But he refused to give in to its desire to fuck her, at least for now. Because, just like he was Dueño to Jilly and Nate, he was Dueño over his own body, as well. He stroked his cock. The tip oozed pre-cum while his cock throbbed in his hand. His hand felt so good his eyes rolled back as his balls tightened. He removed his hand. He refused to come outside of
her pussy.

“You do,” she said, licking her swollen red lips.

Her obedience and acknowledgment of his authority made his dick twitch. It still amazed him how many times he could come in one night since he’d married them. He positioned himself over her, bracing his weight on his arms. He wanted them connected in that most primitive way. He placed his tip at her hole. He entered her with one harsh thrust.

“Throw your legs over my shoulders,” Chris ordered. “I need to get deeper.”

He prided himself on his control. But this little siren was testing it to the limit. Fully, flagrantly aroused, she gripped his cock with the muscles in her vagina. He felt his balls tighten but hung on to his load somehow and continued to work her with gyrating movements of his hips. He was conscious of her sheath spasming as he worked her into a frenzy.

“Dueño, please, I have to come,” she said, panting.

Her tight pussy pushed him to the edge of his sanity. He had to come, too, or he’d lose his mind. He slammed into with full force. He kept going, determined to empty his balls of their contents while giving her the strongest orgasm of her life. Together they writhed in a frantic beat until the rapture ripped through him.

“Come. Do it now,” he commanded in between grunts.

She shouted, and her body shuddered as her orgasm struck. Every nerve ending in his body lit up as her muscles clenched down and tightened the sheath enveloping his cock. He thrust wildly until he shouted out with his own release. His dick shot its cum inside of her pussy, giving him the most glorious climax he’d ever had.

He collapsed on top of her to catch his breath. The sweat on their bodies mingled in an erotic, sexy scent that made him want more. Feeling more rested, he got up, unclasped the chain from the headboard, and then unhooked her cuffs, freeing her wrists. He took the chains and cuffs and placed them on the side table next to their boxes. His mind cleared as his breathing fell back into an even flow.

He looked over at Nate, who stood with a raging hard-on. His thick, long cock stood straight up like a needle on a sundial. It was wonderful to behold. He loved the taste of Nate’s cock and cum, which was spicy, salty, and delicious. But right now, blowjobs were not on his mind. He wanted Nate’s ass but not before he gave Nate some relief for being so patient.

“Jilly, suck Nate off. Don’t stop until he comes hard,” Chris commanded.

She walked over to him on wobbly legs. She flattened out her tongue and ran it up and down the length of his shaft. He moaned loudly. She surprised him by cupping his balls and squeezing them. He moved his hips. She continued to suck and stroke. She let him go with a pop out of her mouth and wrapped her hand around the base and jerked the length of him, her mouth open and tongue flicking out to lick at the head. Saliva escaped from the corners of her mouth as she sucked.

Nate’s muscles tensed as he fisted her hair in his hands and pumped. His hips moved back and forth as his head fell back. Chris circled to watch. He enjoyed seeing the ecstasy on his husband’s face. Chris massaged his cock as blood and heat from his chest surged to his steadily hardening rod. Nate closed his eyes and clenched his jaw. Chris knew his husband was on the edge.

“Come, Nate. Don’t hold back.”

Nate jerked his hips forward and grunted. Jilly slurped and sucked, swallowing every drop of Nate’s cum. He thrust his hips once more and then stepped back. His flaccid cock hung loosely down.

“Now you’re ready,” Chris said, helping Jilly to her feet. He kissed her, swirling his tongue in her mouth, sweeping the remnants of Nate’s cum into his own tongue so he, too, could taste his husband’s spicy taste.

“Okay, my love,” Chris said, ready for more sex himself. “You can go lie down.”

Chris took Nate’s hand in his and brought them up over her head. He picked up Nate’s cuffs with fleece lining. He placed one on each of his wrists, making sure that they weren’t too tight, and then he snapped them to the strap chain and attached it to a pulley that was made secure by several O-rings hanging from the ceiling. The muscles in Nate’s back and arms grew taut as Chris adjusted the chain’s length.

“Oh God yes,” Nate said, groaning. His head fell forward. “I need this.”

“I know, honey,” Chris said, stepping around him in a half circle to face him. “Tell me your safe word.”

“Wallaby,” Nate replied breathlessly.

His love was so aroused, Chris had to be sure that Nate was still in the proper state of mind to play. On occasion, Nate would go into subspace right after fucking Jilly while he watched.

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Submitting To The Devil Dom by Lara Valentine-Her Pleasure Came Solely From Him #RomanceNovel #SpankingRomance #BDSM

[Siren Everlasting Classic: Erotic Consensual BDSM Romantic Suspense, sex toys, spanking, flogging, whipping, cropping, sensation play, HEA]


Tori Cordell’s dating the sexy cop who moved in next door. She’s dated some losers in the past, but Ian Taggert is a winner. When she finds out he’s known as the Devil Dom, she’s surprised and a little angry. He better have a damn good reason for his lie of omission.

Ian Taggert has waited a long time to find a woman like Tori. She’s smart and beautiful, but clearly a vanilla-type woman. If it means holding on to her, he’s willing to leave his Dominant side in the past and start a new life.

Ian’s floored when Tori wants him just the way he is, dominance and all. They fall more deeply in love as she learns the heaven to be found in submitting to her Devil Dom. But heaven can quickly turn to hell. Tori is attacked, and Ian will need to solve the toughest case of his career if he wants to keep her safe.

A Siren Erotic Romance


Tori pushed through the crowded sports bar and headed to the back. She was meeting Ian here for lunch since his schedule was so busy. Despite the fact they lived next door to one another, they couldn’t seem to spend enough time together. They’d spent pretty much every evening together for the last week. One of them would make dinner, they’d watch some television or listen to music, then the clothes would come off.

She now knew why her four book-club friends had big smiles on their faces. Sex was awesome, but sex with Ian was out of this world. He was leading her slowly down the road of submission and she was loving every single second. It was like nothing she’d ever experienced and better than anything she’d read about.

She saw Ian at a corner table, checking his phone. He looked gorgeous today in his blue suit, pressed white shirt, and blue and silver striped tie. A man in a suit, with a body like Ian’s, was too sexy for comfort. She could already feel her body responding. It remembered all too well the pleasure his body could bring.

She sidled up to his table with a saucy smile. “You look lonely, handsome. Can I join you?”

His slow grin set her pulse hammering. “I don’t know. You’re sexy, but I have a girlfriend.”

She ran a finger up his arm, tracing his bicep. “I won’t tell if you won’t.”

“You’re a naughty young lady. Someone should take you in hand.”

She pretended to pout. “I don’t mean to be bad. I just can’t help it. I need a big, strong man to discipline me.”

He flexed his fingers and her pussy flooded with moisture. It was the same movement he made when he was getting ready to spank her.

His eyes narrowed and his grin became wicked. “I’m the man who could do it, but we’d have to set some rules. You’d have to obey me at all times. My word is law.”

She nodded, her expression solemn. “Your word is law. Will you punish me now?”

He pulled her down into the chair next to him, laughing. “You’re so going to be punished for teasing me like that. Here we are in this public restaurant and there isn’t a damn thing I can do about it.”

He leaned over and gave her a slow kiss. “Hello, little slave,” he whispered, his breath warm in her ear.

He pointed toward the iced tea he’d ordered for her. She drank it gratefully, parched from running errands all morning. He sipped his water and quirked an eyebrow.

“Steady, there. You’re really thirsty aren’t you?”

“I feel like I’ve been running since the sun came up. It’s nice to sit down and have a cool drink.”

Ian frowned. “Don’t let yourself get dehydrated. Then you wouldn’t be able to go with me to The Estate this weekend.”

Tori had mentioned the party to Ian last week and he’d said he wasn’t sure about them going, so she was surprised to hear him say they were.

“We’re going?” She felt a rush of excitement. Lisa and Brianne had bent her ear for the better part of two hours telling her stories about these play parties. She was dying to go but terrified, too. She didn’t want to embarrass him with her inexperience.

“We are. You’re a star pupil of submission. You’ve surprised even me by how quickly you’ve taken to this. We’ll go and play a little bit and watch some others. It will give you some exposure to how others play and also give you a chance to ask some questions. It will also give me a chance to punish you for your little role-playing here at the restaurant today. Now I have a hard dick and no relief in sight.”

She giggled. “We could go out to my car.”

“You’re incorrigible, my slave, and you will definitely get punished at the party.”

She pouted for real this time. “I have to wait until then?”

“It’s two days away. I have to work tonight, and you have your girls’ night out tomorrow night. You’re all mine after that, though.” He dropped his voice. “I’m going to push your boundaries, sweetness.”

She fidgeted on her chair. Her whole body was ready and primed and it was a nonstarter. She gave him her sweetest smile. “Since we won’t be together for a few days, perhaps you might consider letting me blow off some steam?”


She nudged his foot with her own, running her toes up his leg. “You know, taking my pleasure into my own hands, so to speak.”

He leaned forward, his citrus scent teasing her nostrils. “Aw, sweetheart, it’s hard isn’t it? The passion, the desire. I feel it, too.” He straightened and gave her a stern look. “But absolutely not. No. I want you ready to beg by Friday. Your pleasure comes from me and solely from me. No exceptions.”

She sighed. She was ready to beg now. It was going to be a long two days. She wasn’t allowed to bring herself any pleasure, and between fantasizing about him and her reading material it was damn difficult.

She stuck out her tongue. “You’re a mean Dom.”

He laughed easily. “You don’t know the half of it, Tori. I warned you, if you remember.”



“Rolling your eyes at your Dom is a bad idea, little slave. You need a paddling for your blatant show of disrespect. In addition to the punishment you already earned that day at lunch. Teasing me is never a good idea. Let’s get you over to the spanking bench.”

She followed his gaze to the leather-covered contraption in the corner. He dropped her leash so she could walk around it, examining it from all angles. It was easy to see her ass was going to be in the air and vulnerable.

He beckoned to her. “First, we need to remove your leash. Kneel before me and ask me humbly to take off your leash.”

She swallowed and did as he commanded. She knew from her reading this was going to hurt like a bitch, but her body was already humming with arousal at the promise of the erotic pain.

“I didn’t put them on all that tightly, but they’ve been on awhile and this is really going to hurt, slave. Ask me for it.”

She licked her lips, her honey dripping down her thighs. “Master, please remove my leash. I’m ready for the pain.”

He indicated she should stand, and reached for the first clamp. “I doubt you’re ready for the pain, slave. I’ll help you this time.”

Before she knew what was happening he had pulled her to her feet, unscrewed one clamp, tossing it aside, and replacing it with his mouth. He sucked as the blood rushed back to the sore nubs. She grabbed his head as her knees buckled. The sensation was overwhelming, pleasure and pain all mixed up. She had barely caught her breath when he repeated his actions on the other side. A moan slipped from her lips and a gush of cream leaked from her pussy.

He held her up until her legs could hold her. “Good girl. You were very brave. I’m proud of you.”

“Thank you, Master.” Her voice was shaky and she tried to steady herself, taking a deep breath. There wasn’t much time to catch her breath before he was leading her to the bench. He helped her kneel on the padded base of the bench. Her ankles and knees were efficiently strapped down, and his hand pressed on the middle of her back, pressing her onto the cool leather. She breathed deeply, her nostrils teased with the smell of Ian, leather, and lilacs from The Estate grounds.

Her arms were stretched out wide, as if she was playing airplane, and clipped into place. He stroked her spine softly, his rough fingertips sending arrows of pleasure directly to her cunt and clit.

“Do you need to use your safeword, Tori? It’s okay if you do. There’s no shame in using it.”

It was comforting to know she could use it at any time. She trusted all play would immediately stop, but she didn’t want to stop it now. She craved this spanking. She needed it.

“No, Master. I’m green.”

“Very well. Let’s get you into position.”

He reached under the platform where her legs were cuffed and flipped a switch, sending her thighs wide apart. A warm breeze from the trees ran over her overheated pussy and teased her clit. She wriggled on the platform, inviting his hand on her ass cheek. He reached under the bench supporting her torso and angled it downward, pushing her ass even higher in the air.

“Perfect. Now you’re ready for your spanking.”

She heard him open his bag, and then he was holding a wood and leather paddle in front of her.

“Kiss it, slave.”

She pressed her lips to the leather nervously. He’d always spanked her with his hand. Tonight was going to be different. This must be what he meant by pushing her boundaries. He rubbed her bottom, getting blood to the surface. This was his usual procedure, so it wasn’t a shock when his fingers delved into her drenched pussy and played with her clit.

“If you want to come, you have to take your punishment. Are you ready, slave?”

“Yes, Master.” She was nervous but excited.

“Ask me humbly to punish you.”

This was harder than the actual spanking. He made her request her own punishment. She was logical enough to know why he was doing it. It was a signal she wanted the spanking. She didn’t have to enjoy asking for it, however. She took a deep breath.

“Please, Master, punish me for my transgressions.”

“Do you deserve to be punished, slave?”

Out of the corner of her eye, she could see they had attracted a small crowd. His voice was laced with steel and his hand was firm on the small of her back. Lisa and Brianne had made it clear. Her actions reflected on her Dominant. She wouldn’t let him down. They’d agreed to the rules, and she’d broken them.

“Yes, Master. I deserve it.” Her voice was clear and strong. She heard a murmur of approval from the onlookers.

“Then you shall be punished. A paddling for your disrespect. No set count. We’ll go until your ass is nicely hot and your attitude is adjusted.”

He made her wait. He paced back and forth, taking her in at every angle. Finally, he stepped to her left, rubbing her ass cheeks again. She flexed her hands in the restraints, impatient to get the punishment underway.

When the first strike came, it took her breath away. The paddle landed with a resounding thud on her bottom, and it quickly turned to heat. She tried to arch her back, begging for more and letting him know how much she wanted it. Each stroke of the paddle ratcheted up the heat on her ass cheeks until they felt like they were on fire. She was pulling against the restraints restlessly, needing respite for a moment.

“Where are we, slave?”

Tori panted. “Green, Master. Very close to yellow.”

His hand stroked her hair. He bent low to whisper in her ear, his breath warm and comforting. “Will you be displaying any more disrespect, slave?”

“No, Master. I will respect you.”

“Good girl. Time for your reward. You took your punishment well. I always reward good behavior. I think you need to come.”

Tori’s ass, nipples, cunt, and clit burned and tingled. She needed to come more than she needed to breathe.

“Please, Master.”

“I love it when you beg. It’s time for you to scream.”

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Maggie Desires Three by Kalissa Alexander-She Felt Her Breathe Leave Her As She Gazed At Them #RomanceNovel #BDSM #Menage

[Siren Sensations: Erotic Contemporary Consensual BDSM Menage a Quatre Romance, M/F/M/M, HEA] 


Maggie thought sex was just okay until she met three men that were more than willing to teach her that sex was anything but okay. They are handsome, sexy, and confident...and what they do to her feels so good it should be illegal. 

However, whatever Morgan, Kord, and Noah demanded from her is never taken, but given freely, even when it involves long-distance sex via the Internet. The only problem she has with their arrangement is that she can't tell her best friend, Sandy. But Sandy has met someone who Maggie thinks is very much like the men that she has submitted her body and her heart to. Too late, she realizes Sandy's new boyfriend wants to use her as pawn in a plan he's intent to see to fruition, regardless of the consequences or whose lives could be shattered forever. 

Will Maggie be able to stop him? And even if she does, will she lose the three men she doesn't want to live without? 

Note: This book contains triple penetration. 

A Siren Erotic Romance



Maggie sat back against the dining room chair and let out a contented sigh. She had eaten everything they had put in front of her and then some. She couldn’t believe it. They had not only cooked a delicious meal, but the presentation had also been as good as any five-star restaurant. She was in total of awe of what they had done and knowing that they had cooked just for her, well, that made her want to cry from the joy she felt bursting inside of her heart. It was crazy to feel like this, but she did, and now she knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that she loved them, all three of them. They were everything she wanted and needed.

However, their relationship wasn’t the norm, and their own mother had basically told her that she was nothing more than a whore. She hadn’t said that word, but her meaning was very clear, at least to Maggie. All three men had apologized for their mother’s behavior, but it didn’t change the fact that their mother was not on board with her being with all three of her sons…at the same time.

Maggie couldn’t really be angry with their mother when she knew her own parents would most likely have the same reaction. She could only imagine what her father would say about his daughter having sexual relations with three men at the same time, brothers no less. She didn’t want to even think about it, and she probably would never have to even worry about her father or mothers knowing about their relationship since this would end. It had to. How could it not? The thought immediately made her sad beyond belief.

“Hey,” Morgan said from across the table, “I thought you liked dinner. Now you look like you’re going to be sick.”

She tried to smile and shake the unhappiness she had brought on herself. “I loved the meal. I’m just a bit full, and my mind was wandering. I’m sorry. I’m back now.”

“Well,” Noah said, leaning over her to take her plate and stealing a kiss at the same time, “don’t leave us again. We’ll have a drink on the patio, as the spring weather is upon us. Then we’ll see what you want to do next.”

“You,” she teased and grinned. “I have a feeling you already know exactly what we’ll be doing next.”

“I have some ideas,” he said, walking her plate out of the dining room and into the kitchen. 

She watched his athletic form, the way he moved. He was so graceful, but then they all were graceful and so hot they took her breath away. She locked eyes with Morgan, who was smiling at her.

“I’m glad to see you enjoyed that apple pie, even though we didn’t make it. The bakery is phenomenal. Their pies are so good, but so are their cakes. We’ll have to get another one from there for our next dinner.”

“Maybe I should cook the next dinner,” she offered. “You know, just to prove to you three that I can cook. I can’t have you outdoing me. My mother would be quite upset with me since she paid for me to take cooking classes.”

“She paid for you to take cooking classes. Wow,” Kord said. “That was good of her, but she didn’t want to teach you herself?”

Maggie laughed. “My mother hated to cook. My grandmother lived with us until she passed away, and she basically did all the cooking. After she died, my mother decided to take a series of classes to improve her cooking, and she dragged me along with her. I have to say, we both learned a lot, and although she still isn’t fan of cooking, I found that I enjoyed cooking.”

“Well, I’m sure those cooking classes are going to pay off for us,” Morgan said, standing up. “However, there are other talents of yours that I find a lot more interesting than what you can do in the kitchen.”

Maggie couldn’t help but blush. The fact that she still could with these men astounded her. “Well, I’ve had very good teachers.”

“Come with me,” Kord said to Maggie, “and we’ll go out to the patio while Morgan and Noah clean up a bit. We drew straws…I obviously got the long one.”

“Go then,” Morgan said with a grimace. “Noah and I will take care of this. God knows, Kord hates to get his hands dirty. We’ll see you both shortly.”

Maggie laughed as Kord escorted her from the dining room out onto the patio and then went to pour her another white wine. She sat looking over the grounds and smiled to herself. No matter what the future held, she would cherish this time of her life and never forget how wonderful it felt to be in love. She felt the prickle of tears. Why did she always feel like her time with these men was coming to an end?


Maggie had gone from comfortable to heated to hot in a span of a few seconds. Her body was responding again, and the three men knew it.

“I want you,” she breathed, looking at all three of them.

“And we want you,” Morgan said, moving his hands to her breasts and tugging on her now hard nipples. He twisted them between his thumb and forefinger, bringing a moan to her lips. There seemed to be a direct connect between her nipples and her pussy. She was gushing her juice, which was already slick against her inner thighs.

Noah pulled her legs toward him as he dived headfirst into her warm wet sex, which was begging for his tongue and lips. She literally screamed as he licked her clit and then bit gently on it. All she could do was groan and writhe as the wanton feelings they brought out in her took over her senses.

Kord sucked the groans from her lips as he expertly kissed her. She brought her arms up to wrap her them around his neck. “Come, Maggie,” he ordered. “Come now.”

On command, she succumbed to her impending orgasm and screamed as it tore through her without mercy, the intensity of it making her shiver and shake uncontrollably. Morgan sucked on her nipples as Noah continued to his sensual onslaught to her pussy.

When she finally opened her eyes, all three men were looking at with smiles on their faces. “Did you enjoy that, baby?” Kord asked, knowing full well her answer.

“How do you do what you do to me?” she whispered.

“You inspire us,” Morgan answered, kissing her.

She was tired, but she knew she couldn’t go to sleep until they had come too. She looked at their hard, thick, throbbing cocks, and her tiredness seems to evaporate. All she wanted was to pleasure them.

“I need to suck and fuck you,” she said with a groan.

“We do so want to please you, Maggie,” Kord said and grinned wide.

“Get on the floor, Maggie. On all fours,” Morgan ordered.

She scrambled off the bed, getting on her knees, her favorite position. She was never happier or more satisfied than when she had all three of their cocks inside her. She couldn’t seem to get enough of what they gave her, and right now, she wanted nothing more than to feel them fill her in every way possible.

They had taken her slowly, making it last. 

That’s why I’m so sore, she thought, easing her way out of the bed. 

She had to go to the bathroom. When she returned to their bed, they were still sleeping. There was a glow from the bedside clock that illuminated their faces and bodies. She felt her breath leave her as she gazed at the sleeping men. They were so handsome and so much alike. Their dark hair was longish, and it was mussed making them look even sexier. They were each broad shouldered and well-muscled. Morgan was the tallest at over six feet, but both Kord and Noah were at least six feet themselves. Their parents must have spent a fortune on their teeth that were straight and perfect beneath their full lips. To be with one man who looked like them would have been enough for any woman. She was with three.

If anyone knew—the thought popped into her head—first off, they wouldn’t believe it, but if they did, what would her family or friends think? Would they think she was crazy or worse would they think there was something wrong with her? Would she become an outcast? She shook her head and smiled. She was being silly. No one was ever going to know. Besides, the only family she had was an estranged stepbrother and a stepmother who had basically ignored her after her father had died. 

Whatever aunts or uncles she had had been out of her life for years, ever since her father had married his second wife. Her friends were scattered all over the world except for Sandy. It was funny—Sandy was not only her best friend but her family, and she wasn’t sure Sandy would understand this new development in her sex life.

She realized at this point going back to bed wasn’t a possibility. She was awake and she was hungry. Finding a robe in the bathroom, she wrapped it around her naked form and walked barefoot out of the bedroom into the hall and down the stairs. She was sure they had a kitchen. She just had to find it.

The kitchen was large and full of gadgets and high-tech appliances. All she wanted was a frying pan for some bacon she had found in the refrigerator and another for some scrambled eggs. The toaster looked like most any toaster. Hungry and happy to have found the makings of a good breakfast along with a couple frypans, she set to work on frying the bacon.

She was whipping up the scrambled eggs when she looked up to see three practically naked men staring at her, smiling.


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The Assistant by Ramona Gray- He Is Determined To Claim Her #RomanceNovel #BSDM


Three years I’ve fantasized about my boss. Three years wondering what it would be like to have him touch me, to be trapped under that deliciously hard body while he makes every one of my fantasies come true.

I’m not his type. Hell, I’m not even sure the man knows my first name. But I’d make a deal with the devil himself for one night in his bed. I never suspected that beneath his cold exterior there was a fire that burned for me. Why would I? He’s never even touched me.

Until tonight. Tonight, he’s determined to make me his and – God help me – I’m going to let him.

Author’s note: This novel contains explicit and steamy sex scenes that may not be your cup of tea. It is intended for mature readers only.

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The Ranger’s Rules by Lily Harlem-She Can't Deny Her Body’s Reaction To His Stern Dominance #RomanceNovel #SpankingRomance


When she arrives at a remote game reserve in South Africa to work on her next project, wildlife photographer Casey Summers is more than a little annoyed that the only ranger available to escort her during her visit is gruff, ruggedly sexy Rhett Dawson. More irritating still, she is informed that for her own safety she will be required to stay with Rhett at his lodge.

Matters soon come to a head when Casey disregards one of Rhett’s rules and endangers herself in a risky attempt to get the best possible photograph, and before she knows it she finds herself over his knee for a long, hard spanking. When her reckless behavior continues, Casey quickly discovers that Rhett is more than ready to bare her bottom and punish her even more thoroughly.

Though being chastised in such a humiliating fashion infuriates Casey, she cannot deny her body’s reaction to Rhett’s stern dominance, and when he takes her in his arms and shows her what it means to be properly claimed and mastered she is left utterly spent and satisfied. But when a vicious band of poachers puts Casey’s life in danger, will Rhett be able to protect her?

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A Woman For Zachary and Hot To The Touch by Adriana Kraft-Two Sexy Romances From One Amazing Author #RomanceNovels #Menages

Double Trouble From Adriana Kraft
A Woman for Zachary
Meghan’s Playhouse, Book Two


Hot to the Touch
Swinging Games, Book Fifteen

One of my favorite recent memes from FaceBook reads as follows: When I get old, they’re never going to say “what a sweet old lady.” They’re gonna say “what on EARTH is she up to now?!”

If that sounds like trouble, hold on to your hat—we’ve got a double dose heading your way. Our two recent erotic romance ménage releases feature leading characters at mid-life.

Baby boomers ourselves, we often write characters in their 40s, 50s, and even 60s and beyond. If that’s not what trips your trigger, these two books aren’t for you – but, with any luck, all of us will reach these ages eventually, and we hope our readers do so with vim, vigor, and yes, a vibrant and active sex life. We like to think some of our characters can light the way.

Hot to the Touch takes the mid-fifties couple who star in our Swinging Games series to a clothing optional RV resort for some summer fun. In A Woman for Zachary, the early twenties heroine who starred in Seducing Cat hooks up with a mid-forties woman and an early-fifties man to ignite the spark that’s been smoldering between them.

A Woman for Zachary Blurb:

It’s New York! Broadway beckons, but Meg has more fun keeping an erotic triangle going with her current flame, Zach Cullen, and her drama coach, Josie Patrice.

Zachary Cullen has ignored Josette Patrice’s overtures for years, but she agrees to take on his latest protégé-slash-arm-candy Meghan Keenan in her off-Broadway workshop theater. Though the girl has incredible talent, Josie would stake her reputation on that little thing being a switch-hitter, like herself, and she doesn’t want Zach to be duped.

Josie sets out to seduce Meg and expose her for what she is, but all bets are off when Meg turns the tables on Josie to hook her up with Zach.

Erotic Romance Ménage
Novella, 28,000 words
eXtasy Books, August 4, 2017
Four Flames: Explicit Sex, MF, FF;
Ménage, FFM, FMF; Sex toys


Josie was shaking her head back and forth before Zach finished speaking. “That’s not enough.”
Zach closed the distance between the two of them.

She pressed her back against the wall, and he placed his palms against it, framing her head. She licked her lips.

What was he doing? She’d imagined him being this close countless times, but not in this way. Not in anger. Not struggling with his sense of fairness over sharing another woman. She kept her arms locked at her sides.

“That’s exactly what Meg said. What is enough? Do we draw lots for her?”

Josie shook her head.

“Maybe I can have her even days of the month and you odd days.”

“That might work.” Josie could hardly breathe. Zach’s male scent was overpowering. She’d agree to almost anything, if he just stayed where he was. She should be afraid of him, but she wasn’t. This was a man she’d known for a decade. He might be very angry, even deeply pained, but he wouldn’t hurt her—at least not physically.

“It works for parking cars in the winter. It’s a beginning, I guess.” His eyes darkened with a passion she couldn’t decipher. She watched his eyes shut and re-open.

And then his mouth was crushing against hers. She tried to breathe through her nostrils. His muffled groans filled her mouth. Tentatively, she lifted her hands to his shoulders. It was as if he was in a trance. She sighed and pulled him closer. Maybe she was, too.

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Hot to the Touch Blurb: 

Can the summer get any hotter? Escaping Southern Indiana summer heat, swingers Brett and Jen check out a Minnesota clothing optional RV resort, where the rules are very different from the swing lifestyle venues they’re used to. When they spot a hot looking couple in the swimming pool, they’re definitely interested, but they know better than to make the first move. Will Paul and Kim turn out to be players, or will Brett and Jen get a cold shoulder?

Erotic Romance Ménage
Short Story, 7,000 words
eXtasy Books, July 30, 2017
Four Flames: Explicit Sex, MF, FF;
Ménage, MFMF


“Hi guys,” Kim said, giving Jen a hug. “We ran into traffic, but we’re here at last. I love your outfit, Jen. That short skirt is just right for your long legs. You guys are fine dancers.”

“And you look fantastic,” Jen managed to say. “That top is so sexy. As you said, just a touch of mystery. And I love those dangling earrings. They sparkle nearly as much as you do. Absolutely stunning.”

“Thank you,” Kim murmured, turning to hug Brett.

“As stunning as you look,” Paul said, gathering Jen into his arms for a long hug. “You both look scrumptious. Good enough to eat. Right, Brett?”

Brett nodded.

Jen noticed Kim made no move to break away from Brett’s arms. She watched the olive-skinned woman drag her lips across Brett’s wrist before lifting it up and sliding onto the curved bench. Jen slid in from the other side, with the guys sitting on either end. A bare leg brushed against her left leg, a trousered one against her right. If those legs were meant to only tease, she’d be very, very upset before the night was over.

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Adriana will be awarding a $10 Amazon GC, to a randomly drawn winner via rafflecopter during the tour. 

Please use the RaffleCopter below to enter. Remember you may increase your chances of winning by visiting the other tour stops. 

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About the Author: 

Winner of the 2014 Bisexual Book Award for erotic fiction, author Adriana Kraft is a married couple writing Sizzling Romantic Suspense and Erotic Romance for Two, Three, or More.

One man, one woman, danger and intrigue – always a happy ending, but oh, what a ride! Readers can count on our Romantic Suspense line for gutsy characters, hot sex, and breathtaking intimacy as our hero and heroine battle outer threats and inner demons to stay alive and fall in love.

A man, a woman (or two), or another man, threesomes, foursomes—what’s your fantasy? We write our Erotic Romance stories to entertain, of course, but most of all we write them because we believe in happy endings for all who fall in love, whatever their gender, sexual orientation or numerical combination. Here you’ll find multiple partners, three-way, four-way and more, swing lifestyle, lesbian, bisexual, ménage and polyamory, in both contemporary and paranormal settings.

Together we have published over thirty-five romance novels and novellas to outstanding reviews. We love hearing from readers at, and here is our website:

When It’s Time to Heat Things Up

Author Links:

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Dark Moon by Jessica Marting-Another #Vampire Is After Her And He Is The Only One Who Can Protect Her #RomanceNovel #PNR


Edgar Burgess has devoted his life to keeping New York free of vampires, and is usually successful at sensing and staking them… at least until the night his beautiful next door neighbor and unrequited love is enthralled and kidnapped by one. Finding Molly McKillip becomes his life’s focus at the expense of everything else.

Molly has always liked the rambunctious Burgess family, especially Edgar, but she never thought she would see them again after being lured away from her boarding house by a monster. Edgar’s rescuing her from a vampire den is a shocking and unexpected surprise, and it’s only the first one he has to deliver. Hearing him pour his heart out to her is the second. But before they can sort through their feelings for each other, they have one thing left to do: eliminate the vampire that’s still stalking Molly.


Something thudded hard against a stained glass window. Molly looked up and saw a vague black shape slam itself against the window again. “Ed? Did you stake that vampire?”

“No, he’s still out there.” He winced as Molly daubed holy water on the bite. “Vampires can’t enter consecrated buildings, even if they’re invited in. My new plan is to hide out here until morning, and then take you home.”

“But the vampire…”

“Will still be out later, and I’ll find him then. Right now, we’re safe.” 

His eyes fixed on hers, and Molly swallowed at the intensity reflected there. She couldn’t remember the last time she’d been kissed like that, even if it had to be interrupted by his injury.

“Do you have any other bites?” she asked, trying to keep her voice from shaking.

“Just scratches.” He held up his wrists, where thin ribbons of blood were already drying in reddish-brown streaks. “These shouldn’t be as bad as the bite.” Still, he cringed when Molly applied the holy water-soaked handkerchief to the wounds.

She pressed it to the bite again. “Hold this,” she said, then sat down next to him and lifted her skirt enough to reveal stockings and petticoat. In a moment of self-consciousness, she was glad that the church’s light was dim enough so he wasn’t likely to see how worn out and darned her underclothes were.

“Molly?” There was a teasing lilt to his voice.

“Give me a minute.” She pulled at her petticoat until she tore a strip of thin cotton away, then straightened her skirt. “I don’t have anything else to use as a bandage.”

“Good thinking.”

She lifted away the handkerchief and wrapped the makeshift bandage around his neck. “Can you get the pin from my dress? I need something to hold this in place.”
His eyes lifted a fraction, but he reached for the brass beetle pinned to her bodice. Her skin felt hot at his touch even through her layers of clothing, but it was over too soon as he unfastened the jewelry. She pinned the bandage in place with shaking fingers.

“Now what?” she asked. “Do we just sit here?”

A thump from the bat against the stained glass window was her reply. She sighed.

“That was an older vampire, so he may be able to stay awake until just past dawn,” Edgar said. “I still don’t think it would be a bad idea to stay here for a little while.”

When would that be? “I’m sorry for all of this,” she said.


“Because if I hadn’t come out to the construction site tonight, you wouldn’t have left early and we wouldn’t have run into a vampire. And if you had, you would have had time to stake it without worrying about me.”

“I don’t always get vampires on the first try, Molly. This wasn’t your fault.” He laced his fingers through hers. “Remember when I said I’d always protect you? This is part of that.”

Once again, Molly was struck by how warm and alive he was, and by how much she missed having contact with another person. The kiss Edgar branded her with when he burst into the church was still on her mind.

“I meant what I said back at home.”

She knew what he was referring to, but that strange fear she felt when he confessed his feelings for her was gone. Hearing those words had been a sensory overload for her that day, but now that she had some time to process what had happened, now understood her own feelings for Edgar—she was all right with this. And she wanted more than kisses from him.


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Tannin's Thunderbolt by Ravenna Tate-He Must Find A Way To Keep Her Safe #RomanceNovel, #BDSM


When Raiyana Parente learns a Mob boss wants her dead for refusing to become his business partner, she runs. With no clear plan, she ends up in the parking lot of Scotty’s Place, a posh strip club in Creek Ridge, Ohio, believing the tall, muscled biker in jeans and dirty boots is the man sent to kill her. She couldn’t be more wrong.

Sterling Tanner, known to his Demons on Wheels MC Brothers as Tannin, is hit by the thunderbolt the moment he looks into Rai’s dark eyes. But the trouble she brings with her isn’t something his MC needs. Still, what’s a man to do when the woman he has to have, no matter what, shows up?

As their rough and dirty sexual relationship burns up the sheets, Tannin must find a way to keep Rai safe from the Mob. But can he win her heart as well?


“Oh fuck me sideways. I love big tits.”

A loud of cry pleasure accompanied him fastening his mouth first on one nipple, then the other. He squeezed them together and tortured her with his teeth and tongue, passing both across her nipples. “You taste so fucking good.”

No one had ever played with her breasts this way, so rough yet tender at the same time. He squeezed the mounds in strong hands, and each time he licked or gently bit her nipples, her clit throbbed. Rai grasped his hair, pushing his face closer to them.

“I want to fuck these. I want to come on them.”

“Yes. Yes, fuck my tits.” Fuck all of me!

He pushed her backward until her knees touched the edge of the bed. With a wicked grin that sent more shivers down her spine, Tannin shoved her once more and she fell onto the bed. No one had ever done that, either, and it was more arousing than she’d have believed possible.

“Stay like that with your feet on the floor.” He unzipped his jeans and pulled them down, revealing a thick, red cock that forced a loud moan from her. Her pussy was soaked now.

Tannin tore off his boots and socks, and in an effort to get his jeans off, he nearly fell over. Rai couldn’t stop staring at his legs. Dusted with dark hair, they featured an impressive array of tats and muscles that held her spellbound. She’d never seen such a gorgeous man.

“Lady, you are fucking delicious. I love your curvy body. I’m going to fuck your tits. I’m going to fuck your mouth. I’m going to fuck your pussy, and I’m going to fuck your ass.”

Yes! She wanted that. All of it. “Yes, Tannin. Yes! Fuck me. Fuck me everywhere.”

He straddled her, shoving his cock between her breasts. “Push your titties together.”

This was a first. She squeezed them against his cock as hard as she could. He grunted a few times as he thrust, before moving off her. “Spread your legs.” Rai did as he commanded, mesmerized by this rough, powerful man. He dropped to his knees and grasped her breasts again, licking the nipples, the sides, and underneath until his saliva had coated them.

When he’d settled his dick between them a second time, and after she’d once more pushed them together, this time when he thrust, his cock slid easily against her naked flesh.

“Oh, yes. That’s it. Oh fuck, that feels so damn good.”

Rai was mesmerized by the sight of his big dick thrusting between her breasts. Each pass brought the tip closer to her chin. Veins stood out on his neck. When his thrusts grew quick and jerky, she tensed, unsure what to expect. This was so arousing. Quirky, but very sexy.

Seconds after he cried out, hot cum splashed her chin and neck. She lifted her head higher and caught some on her lips. When she licked them, enjoying the salty taste, he moaned loudly and began to thrust again.

“God! You are so fucking sexy. Open your mouth.”

As soon as she did, Tannin lifted up, pulling his swollen cock from between her breasts to hold it, poised right at her lips. He milked the shaft with one hand, groaning loudly, while more tasty cum squirted into her mouth. With his other hand, he grasped her hair and forced her head closer to him.

The gesture was so dominant that Rai’s pussy fluttered in tiny contractions, especially once he shoved his dick into her mouth and finished coming inside it. She swallowed his cum, moaning softly as goosebumps broke out over her entire body. She’d never been taken like this, and never would have imagined how much she’d love it. But she wanted more. So much more.

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Their Shy Submissive by Anya Summers-She Thought No One Wanted Her Until She Met Them #RomanceNovel #BDSM #MFM


Yvette Pfeifer is bemoaning her fate as the submissive no one wants. She left her family and friends in Florida to work as a receptionist on the exclusive resort Pleasure Island. There, her deepest hope is that she will find a Dom who will claim her and make her his. Her only problem is her crippling social anxiety; an affliction which makes it hard for her to attend any club or events.

From the moment Deke Estevez and Shep Jackson began working on Pleasure Island as catamaran captains, ferrying guests and supplies to and from Nassau, they have craved the shy, sweet, voluptuous beauty, Yvette. When she agrees to a scene with them one evening after having been stood up at the club, the trio experiences a night of hedonistic pleasure like no other.

Deke and Shep know that Yvette is the woman they’ve always wanted, but they both have past demons which threaten to destroy their budding relationship before it’s even really begun. Can they convince Yvette to be their submissive – not just the night, but for forever?

Publisher’s Note: This a short and sexy novella is part of Anya Summers’ best-selling Pleasure Island series and takes place at the same time as the first book. While we do recommend reading all the titles, it can be enjoyed as a standalone. 

Friday, August 11, 2017

Ménage versus Polyamory: What’s the Difference? By Lisabet Sarai #RomanceNovels #MFM #FFM

You want to know
How it will be,
Me and him,
Or you and me.
You both stand there, your long hair flowin'
Eyes alive, your mind still growin'
Sayin' to me, "What can we do now that we both love you?"
I love you too.
I don't really see why can't we go on as three.

~ From “Triad” by David Cosby


In both romance and erotica, multiple-partner sexual encounters tend to be popular. It’s easy to see the appeal. One devoted, attentive lover is arousing enough—but two? Talk about blowing all your fuses!

It’s not just the added sensual pleasure that makes a threesome (or more-some!) exciting. Psychological and emotional factors ramp up the intensity: the intoxicating sense of being universally desired; the kick that comes from breaking societal rules, engaging in something more or less forbidden; the satisfaction derived from pleasing your lovers, and being pleased in return. Depending on the genders and orientations of the individuals involved, the experience may provide voyeuristic thrills as well directly experienced pleasure. For instance, a woman may enjoy watching two males coupling—or vice versa.

These days, tales of threesomes are usually labeled “ménage”, from the French, ménage a trois. In French, the term is often used for any situation where one person has two lovers during the same time period. It doesn’t necessarily imply that all three protagonists end up in bed together.  In romance and erotica, though, readers would be disappointed if a ménage story didn’t include at least one group sex scene!

Many romance books go beyond ménage, however, to portray polyamory. This is a far less familiar term, rarely encountered in keyword lists or book subcategories. What’s the difference? Polyamory (from “poly”, multiple and “amor”, love) implies a committed, loving, erotic relationship among more than two people. Usually, the participants in a polyamorous relationship live together, or at least see each other regularly. They care for and take responsibility for one another. Furthermore, they explicitly acknowledge that each member of the triad (or larger group) has the right to love and be loved by the others. Theoretically, participants in polyamory are not jealous of one another. They see themselves as a stable unit, or at least they aspire to be.

Polyamory puts more extreme demands on the partners’ adaptability, patience and self-confidence than a transient ménage. We all know a two-person marriage takes a lot of work to nurture and sustain. Adding a third individual into the relationship just makes things more complicated and more difficult.

From an author’s perspective, that’s all good, of course. Lots of conflict—lots of angst—lots of opportunity for catharsis! A one-time threesome can be light-hearted, even superficial, focusing on present pleasure, but polyamorous relationships are almost always emotionally complex.

I’ve published both simple ménage and polyamory in my two decades of writing erotica and erotic romance. Here, for instance, is an excerpt from a FFM ménage that occurs early in Incognito. Miranda, my heroine, feels compelled to explore the Fantasy Factory, a no-holds-barred sex club where the masked attendees are anonymous.

~ ~ ~

The trio rearranged itself. The slender man lay atop the woman, his penis firmly planted in her cleft. The heavier man positioned himself behind his slighter companion. Miranda flushed hot with guilt and desire as she watched his thick rod of flesh disappear ever so slowly into the darkness between those smooth cheeks. Despite his mask, she could read ecstasy on the younger man’s face, his mouth slack, his eyes screwed shut, his hands gripping the shoulders of the woman beneath him, ploughing her as he was ploughed.

“Lovely,” sighed a cultured feminine voice, close to her ear. “Don’t you agree?”

Miranda whirled round, startled and embarrassed. She hadn’t realized that she had companions in her blatant voyeurism.

They were young, close to her own age, and enough alike in stature and demeanor that they could have been siblings. Both had thick brunette hair. His was brushed back from his brow, while she wore hers in a bob with blunt bangs. They were clad in black jumpsuits that highlighted every curve and swelling of their athletic bodies. Prominent nipples capped her small breasts, clearly visible through the clinging fabric. His half-engorged organ was equally obvious.

They were masked, of course. Brown eyes gleamed behind their dominoes. It was their mouths, though, that captured Miranda’s attention, their ripe perfect lips inviting, sensuous, bowed in the perpetual promise of a smile.

Miranda ached to kiss those mouths, to trace their luscious curves with the tip of her tongue. She felt the ache in her throat, in her chest, in her painfully taut nipples, in the damp, hungry recesses of her womb. Her palms yearned to glide over those smooth thighs, those flat bellies. She wanted them, both of them, craved them in a visceral way that was totally new to her.

She stifled a moan, and took the hand the woman extended.

“I’m Marla,” the other woman said, her voice melodious and a bit husky. “And this is Marcus.” The young man smiled mysteriously but said nothing. “We were admiring your costume.”

It took Miranda a moment to recall the red velvet jumpsuit that she had chosen from Lucy’s wardrobe. It was defiantly flamboyant, clinging to her body like a sensuous second skin. A gold-colored zipper ran from the scoop neck down to her navel. Matching zippers adorned her wrists and ankles. She knew that the color suited her, contrasted with the hair spilling over her shoulders like a river of jet. She also knew how obvious it was that she was naked underneath the velvet. Not a shy garment, thought Miranda, but perhaps just right for tonight.

Choked with desire, she found it difficult to speak. “Thank you,” she managed, finally. “I like your outfits also.” What an understatement. “Are you twins?”

They gave identical, musical laughs. “Not exactly,” said the one called Marcus. “But we enjoy pretending.”

His voice was vaguely familiar. However, Miranda was too occupied with other concerns to wonder at this.

“Don’t you?” asked Marla, searching Miranda’s face.

The question was serious, and stopped her short. She did not know how to answer. Was she pretending, now? Was she playing at being someone else? Or was this her true self?

Marla still grasped her hand. “Come play with us,” she said sweetly, pulling Miranda toward one of the walls lined with couches.


In this scene, the operative word is “play”. This is not just about sensual pleasure for Miranda; she’s in the process of trying to understand her rather conflicted sexuality. However, the three-way encounter than ensues is specifically designed, by the rules of the club, to be present tense only.

In contrast, consider the following excerpt from Truce of Trust, an erotic romance that is an MFM confronts the difficulties of polyamory head on.


Greg stirred in his chair. “It’s late, and I’ve got to work tomorrow. Finish your wine, Leah, and come to bed.”

Daniel looked up abruptly. “Wait a minute. Tonight’s my night.”

“No, it’s not. Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays she’s with me. In case you’ve forgotten, this is Friday.”

“That’s not fair. She was away last night at her seminar. So she and I should be together tonight as compensation.”

“Sorry, old man.” Daniel was three years older than Greg, who liked to rub that in. “You know that’s not how the system works.”

“Well, perhaps we need to consider changing the system. Somehow it always seems to work out that Leah is away from the house on my nights.”

“Please...” Leah rose from her chair, trying to intervene, but it was as though she wasn’t there.

“I’m sorry, but that’s not my problem. Anyway, you shouldn’t be such a bad sport. After all, you had her to yourself for years.”

Daniel snorted in exaggerated disgust. “To myself? Hardly! I couldn’t make love to her without wondering if she was fantasizing about you. I couldn’t look at her without seeing the marks that you had left.”

“Marks she asked for, don’t forget.”

“That’s what you claim, at least.” Daniel was sexually adventurous, but he had no interest in BDSM. Leah knew that he was truly perplexed by the power dynamics between her and Greg.

“Believe me, I can make her beg to be beaten,” Greg said smugly. “Isn’t that true, little one?”

Leah blushed fiercely, as embarrassed as she was angry. Of course, Daniel knew this about her, but still she didn’t want to admit it out loud.

Both of them stared at her in mute accusation.

“Answer me, Leah.” Greg put a hint of steel in his voice. Shivers of anticipation raced through her in response. Her deepest instinct was to obey him, but she resisted, silent and rebellious.

“Why do you put up with him?” Daniel donned his wounded boy expression, pouting under his moustache. “All he does is hurt you. He has no respect for you. I can give you all the love and tenderness that you need.”

“You have no idea what she really needs,” said Greg softly. His aim was true, as always. Daniel slumped in momentary defeat, then roused himself.

“If that’s so, then why did she marry me?” he asked, playing his own trump card.

Leah had heard it all before, and suddenly, she couldn’t take anymore. She turned her back on them and headed for her room, ignoring their voices calling after her.

Her overnight bag was still packed from her business trip. She pulled out the dirty things and threw in some clean underwear, jeans and jerseys. She was debating whether to bring a dress when her door opened. Stubbornly, she continued her packing.

Greg towered behind her. He put his hands on her shoulders and turned her around to face him. “Where are you going, little one?”

“Away. Away from the two of you and your constant bickering.”

“He started it, after all, with his claims about things being unfair.” He bent to kiss her. She turned her head away, unwilling to be mastered, but he grasped her chin and pulled her mouth to his.

Leah didn’t want to surrender, but she couldn’t help it. She was dizzy with instantly kindled lust. He nipped at her lips, probed her with his tongue. He drank her in, consumed her. Between her thighs everything melted. The room began to smell funky, as though he already had her naked and open before him.

Without taking his mouth from her, he grabbed her nipple and twisted it, hard. Her body arched against his, the familiar pain quickly transformed to shimmering pleasure. He broke the kiss and looked down at her, shaking and helpless with desire.

“You’re mine,” he whispered. “You’ll always be mine. You just keep him around because you’re afraid to give yourself completely to me. Afraid of going too far. You don’t trust your own desires.”

Leah had a vision of Daniel, his wine glass filled to the brim with vodka, filling page after page with angry, aching prose. There was a wrenching pain in her chest. They’ve grabbed my heart and they are rending it into bloody pieces.

This pain had no sweet after-echoes. She tore herself from Greg’s grasp.

“You’re wrong.” Her throat tightened into a sob. “I love him. It’s different from the way we are, but it’s just as real.”

“If we were together, by ourselves, you’d forget him.”

“No!” His arrogance, sometimes so exciting, was nothing but frustrating to her now. “You don’t understand. He’s a part of me, just as you are.”

He reached for her again. “I’d make you forget him, Leah. I’d beat him out of you.” His voice was gentle, contrasting with the violence of his words. Underneath his bravado, she could feel his need.

Leah hardened herself, knowing she had to escape.

“Let me go, Greg.”

He stepped back and brushed his shaggy hair out of his eyes. They were brighter than normal, probably with tears. Guilt settled like a stone in her gut, but she ignored it. There’s nothing I can do, she finally realized.

“Where are you going?”

“I don’t know. To find some peace.”

“When will you be back?”

She didn’t answer. She had no idea, in fact. All she knew was that right now, despite her resolutions, she couldn’t cope with their conflicts and animosity. Let them work it out between the two of them. Let them see how they liked it when neither one of them could claim her.


Obviously, a polyamorous relationship is no picnic! In this book, Leah, Greg and Daniel all have to change in order to make their three-way connection work.

In the early days of our marriage, my husband and I tried to find another couple with whom we could try polyamory. We never succeeded in finding people where the balance of attraction was more or less equal. It takes trust to allow your lover to make love to another person. No one wants to feel left out, or cheated out of his or her fair share of attention. When all the members of the group care for, or at least are strongly attracted, to each other, these issues become less difficult. But that’s hard to manage.

In any case, I’ve been able to apply my experiences in this realm to my writing. I hope my readers like the results—both ménage and polyamory!

Contest! Leave me a comment with your email address, telling me your thoughts on this topic. I’ll randomly draw one winner who’ll get a choice of an ebook version of either Incognito or Truce of Trust!

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Lisabet Sarai became addicted to words at an early age. She began reading when she was four. She wrote her first story at five years old and her first poem at seven. Since then, she has written plays, tutorials, scholarly articles, marketing brochures, software specifications, self-help books, press releases, a five-hundred page dissertation, and lots of erotica and erotic romance – nearly one hundred titles, and counting, in nearly every sub-genre—paranormal, scifi, ménage, BDSM, GLBT, and more.

Regardless of the genre, every one of her stories illustrates her motto: Imagination is the ultimate aphrodisiac.

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