Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Another Erotic Romance Publisher Is Closing... #LooseIDPublishing Why? #GuessWho

Loose ID Publishing will be closing in May 2018

After well over a decade in the business, Loose ID is closing down due to problems with Amazon. It seems like Microsoft of long ago, Amazon is tightening its grip on the industry to the point that it is strangling all competitors while squeezing out the little guys. 

I'm sure some will say that self-publishing is a viable option.  True it is an option but not always a viable one. For many it is cost prohibitive because of the money it takes to procure a good editor, copy editor, formatter, cover artist, marketer and the like. 

And then there is the fact that there are a ton of other self-published authors out there who will be in the same ranking.  Those of us in the know are very familiar with Amazon's algorithms which favors books with either a lot of reviews, sales or are linked or similar to books that have had a lot of sales. 

For an author not with a publisher with an established audience who are willing to go through their list of other authors, it's like being a mid-list author back in the days before e-publishers. 

Other small/independent erotic romance publishers are starting to fill the pressure as well are cutting down on the types of submissions they are taking and what kinds of books they are willing to publish further cutting down on the options for writers and readers.

I hope the book market broadens by the influx of competition from say another ebook retailer that can show that yes, there are readers out there who want to see more than what Amazon chooses to sell us.

Maybe then, there will be room for more voices in the marketplace.

Healthy competition is a good thing- a defacto monopoly is not.  But then again, we were saying the same thing about Microsoft nearly twenty years ago and where are they now.

So I guess there is hope!

Until then- keep reading and buying books from your favorite authors. And as always, leave a review because it's our only defense in an Amazon-driven marketplace.


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Monday, December 4, 2017

Joy To His World by Clare Dargin-It's Almost Christmas And A Crazy Dom Has Come To Town And Is After His Subs #HolidayRomance #BDSM #Menage


“I went to Love Play’s mansion today to drop off the paperwork for the party and…” she said in between sobs. “This horrible man was there.”

“Dueño,” she said as Chris took his place back at the table. “When Nate and I went by to give the info to the Love Play rep at the mansion, we ran into Gavner.”

“Go on,” Chris said, his body tensing.

“And he said something,” Nate said.

“Like what?”

“Ummm…he mentioned…he said Jilly and I would make a great pair of subs, and he hinted that he was going to make that happen soon.”

“Dammit!” Chris said, storming over to the phone. “I’m going to kick his ass!”

“And if you go over there now, you’ll get into trouble over nothing.”

“He’s threatening my family. And I won’t have it.”

“Please calm down, Dueño,” Jilly said. “We’re fine. We’re with you.”

Nate wrapped his arms around them both. Their dual embrace soothed him. His boiling rage mellowed to waves of frustration.

“I can’t let him go around harassing you,” Chris said as the frustration ran out of him.

“Go to Vander’s office tomorrow and talk to him,” Nate whispered in his ear. “File a complaint. Maybe that will stop him.”

“We’re not going to that party, not while he’s here,” Chris said.

“We can’t not go. It’s who we are. We don’t give in to this sort of thing,” Nate said.

“It doesn’t matter. I’m not giving that ass the chance to get near you.”

“Yes, Dueño,” Nate and Jilly replied in unison.

He stormed out of the room, seeing red. First Nate and now Jilly. Gavner had gone too far, and he had to pay.



[Siren Menage Amour: Erotic Consensual BDSM Menage a Trois Paranormal Romantic Suspense, M/M/F, HEA]

Chris Spinell, Jilly Reimers, and Chris “Nate” Poole are happily married. Now living in a small town run by The Love Play Matchmaking Service, Chris Spinell hopes his family is safely away from the possible dangers that come from living in a big city.

Jilly and Nate cherish the life they have with Chris. They even love the fact that he is their Dom. BDSM gives them the structure and sense of belonging they’ve always wanted. However, life in Minaqua doesn’t give Chris the peace of mind he needs in order to quell his anxieties. The scars from his time in Afghanistan run so deep, Chris’s PTSD will not allow him to escape the fears that his family is at constant risk for harm.

When a stranger comes to town seeking to harm Jilly and Nate, Chris’s protective instincts are put to the test. Will he deal with this reasonably, or will he do whatever it takes to defend his family—including breaking a solemn oath?


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