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#SatSpanks-Being Spanked By Sir Was Not On Her List Of Goals For The Day #WIP #BDSM #SpankingRomance

Hello Spankos!  It's Kara here and I'm new to the hop! I share a blog with Clare and so periodically you will see stuff from me too.  I'm an aspiring author and I love spanking and BDSM romances with lots of Domestic Discipline.  Anyways my excerpt for today comes from a book I'm writing.  It's in a series, not sure whether it will be book 1 or 2 but either way of all the books I've started writing in the series this one is the closest to being finished! The excerpts I've posted so far are very rough.  So please excuse any mistakes and typos.

I posted another excerpt from this book earlier in the week. If you want to read it, you can click here.  That withstanding today's excerpt takes place when Tally and Brock arrive home. Tally is jealous of a woman who gave Brock a bunch of attention.  She doesn't believe Brock when he said he wasn't interested in the woman... let see what happens next. 

My inspiration for Brock


Silent, Brock shook his head.  

“How can a man with a genius I.Q., not see that a woman is after him? Unless, he enjoyed the attention,” she asked.  She folded her arms protectively.  The image of the cute blonde practically throwing herself onto him still pissed her off.

Long legs, slim and curvy in all the right places, what was there not to like? And him with six foot three physique that was all muscle and pure power and his wavy ash blond hair and light blues eyes and angular features with a Master's degree in Mechanical Engineering. Her other husbands called him the pretty boy intellectual. They all brought a unique aspect to her life that she wouldn't change for the world. 

Mace was the quiet leader and head of their household that they all submitted two, Ethan was the eccentric and the sweetest who lived with his heart on his sleeve and Nino was the rugged and the most protective but Brock was the strictest when it came to adhering to BDSM protocol in their home.  Being the second in charge of their home, he took his role very seriously especially when the others were away. 

“We are not having this conversation,” Brock said. 

He sighed obviously exasperated but there was no way she could let this go. She had to know why he hadn't rebuffed that woman's advances. Whether he knew it or not he was one of the hottest men in town. She heard more than a few whispers behind her back questioning how she managed to snag someone like him.  

What most the haters didn't know she three more hotties like him who shared her bead.  And they weren't just flings they were married.  Though not legally, they had a commitment ceremony where she married Mace legally and while in the midst they all pledged to love and spend their lives together. Whether it was kinky or downright weird, their love was very real which meant she had a very real claim on all of her men.

“I think we should.  You know consideration and honesty runs both ways in our marriage,” she snapped. 

Brock drummed his fingers on the top of the steering wheel while his other hand gripped the side and twisted. 

“You actually think I'm interested in her?” 

"How could you not be?"

He swore softly in French.  A language he learned courtesy of his French Canadian grandmother.

"She's gorgeous and I'm---"

"You're what Tally?  Are you criticizing my property again? Are questioning my judgment? Are you saying that I am unable to discern true beauty?  Tally what were you going to say about yourself?"

She fell silent.  His taut jaw muscles and furrowed brow told her she just crossed a line. 

"You are my wife, my world.  The day you came into my life, my heart flew into my throat and I could barely speak. Me. You know that's who I am.  And with you, I was speechless and breathless and I knew I had to have you.  I share my bed and have committed my life to you and yet you have this strange idea that I have become enamored with her is insulting."


"Because I'm your Sir," he said forcefully.  "And I don't take that role lightly."

Feeling foolish and guilty she knew her insecurities had a tendency to runaway from her. "Sorry, sir."

"I can tell you that I love you until I'm blue in the face. But I see now, you are in need of correction."


"What is it Talia?"

"When I saw her flirting with you, I sort of went crazy," she said.

"You probably missed the part where I politely excused myself."

She furled her brow.  Oops.  

"I only want you.  You are the woman I want in my bed and in my life.  You are the one I own and you will be the only woman I will ever love."

"I guess I should be more trusting of you,” she said and then nibbled her bottom lip.  

“That's a wise thought. Too bad you didn't think of that before you started this conversation,” he said. “Girl, you're in for one hell of a spanking.”

“But Sir, I know now that I was wrong,” she said.

“After you've harangued me our entire drive home,” he said. 

He was right. They turned the corner and drove onto the long driveway that led to their home. He had listened the entire time as she questioned his commitment and love all the way home.  How many times had he done it to her?  She couldn't recall one time. The trust was going in one direction, him to her.  She closed her eyes and wished she could have eaten her words.  

Brock was possessive, not jealous.  Big difference.  She was both.  He always said her insecurities were going to keep getting her into trouble and he was right again. Perhaps he would take pity on her this time considering he'd been away for so long. Probably not. 

“I wonder if handcuffs and being on my leash tonight and tomorrow will convince you that we are going to be together forever faithfully.”

She squeezed her legs as her pussy dampened her panties.  “Yes, Sir.”

“Did I say anything when that young guy offered to help you in the kitchen when Sophie could have easily helped you instead?”

She opened her mouth to speak but words failed to come out. Though she didn't do anything wrong, apparently he didn't miss anything like something as innocent as guy helping her move a box of cans to the kitchen pantry. He did have a point. 

“Hmmm? Have anything to say?”

She remained silent.  All she could do was shaking her head slowly.

“Girl, I'm talking to you and I would like an answer.”

“No, Sir you didn't make a big deal about that.”

“Have you heard of a psychological term called Projection?” he asked. 


“It's when someone attributes their own thoughts, feelings and motivation to another person. For instance, you thinking that I could even consider being with another woman was really you trying to hide the fact that you are interested in that guy who helped you. But because you know that is a bad thing you accuse me of liking that woman instead.”

Horse puckey. That guy was even the same league as you. That bitch on the other hand, would have bought scalped tickets if it meant getting her into the same game as you.  

They pulled into their driveway.  They arrived home quicker than she realized.  Any other time she would be happy to be home but now she wasn't sure if she wanted to go inside.  Receiving a spanking from her Sir for being jealous and disobedient was not on her list of goals she wanted to accomplish that day. 

Once inside, he shut the front door.

“Girl, in the front room.”

He set his keys on the table in the hall then followed her inside. He switched on the lamp light next to the sofa.  

He sighed and shook his head.  “Pants off and the panties too.”


I hope you liked it.  It's a rough draft so pardon all the errors. I hope to have it completed by December.  So stop by for updates.

Until then check out my fellow authors and their sexy spanking selections below...

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Cole For Christmas by Rayanna Jamison-He Teaches His Little Angel An Old-Fashioned Lesson In Minding Her Temper #DomesticDiscipline #RomanceNovel #MF


World-renowned supermodel Angel Davis aka Angelique was officially having the worst year of her life. Swindled by her agent and set up to take the fall for a crime she didn't commit she'd been thrown in jail, had her assets frozen, lost any friends she had, and been 'let go' from all her contracts.
Now two days before Christmas the paparazzi is camped out on her doorstep. Out of choices she flees to her family's cabin. Only the cabin no longer belongs to her family.

When Cole Evan returns from a trip to the store he finds non-other than his ex-girlfriend/ex-client Angel on his couch he has a decision to make. Does he send her on her way or try to repair their mistakes by doing what he should have done back then. By teaching his little angel an old-fashioned lesson in minding her temper.


Angel Davis, known to the rest of the world as Angelique, was having the worst year of her life. The funny part was, it had started out as the best year, and only gotten worse with every month that went by.

Thank God the year was almost over. It was December 23rd, just two days shy of Christmas, and her 25th birthday. Normally, she would be busy ringing in the holidays with lavish upscale parties full of A-list celebrities, fine champagne, and gourmet food. And then disaster struck. The old adage about finding out who your real friends were in tough times was apparently one hundred percent true. When the dust had settled, Angel had come to the shocking realization that as far as true friends went, she had none.

It was a bleak reality, and she knew that the fault was her own. She had gotten, as her father would have said, much too big for her britches when the fame and riches hit, and left the few people who did care about her back in the dust. Who needed them anyway, she had told herself. Just reminders of the girl she used to be.

So now, she was at her lowest point, and she had nobody to pick up the pieces. Her father had passed away last year, and she hadn’t even made it home for the funeral. She had been working on a shoot in the Philippines at the time, and her confusion and devastation over his unexpected death had muddled her brain. She had made excuses, telling herself and everyone else that getting away would have meant breaking a contract, and would have been impossible. The only person she had fooled with that line had been herself. Bridges burned, she told herself, blowing the hair out of her eyes as she squinted in the dark trying to find her turn off.

She couldn’t even recall the last time she had been behind the wheel of a car. She was lucky she had never been able to bring herself to get rid of this one. The old mustang had surely seen better days, and had been sitting for years, but it had still purred when she turned the key in the ignition, and it would get her where she needed to go, which was anywhere but here. The past few years, there had always been a limo and a driver. There was way too much to do on the way to events to even consider driving herself. But her latest scandal had come with serious repercussions. It seemed that Alejandro, her beloved agent, had been scamming her for years. He had taken off last week with all her money, and of course, he was nowhere to be found. Tears welled up in her eyes as she remembered the moment it had all come to light, and everything that had happened since. She had been such a fool, blindly trusting Alejandro to take care of her, never taking in interest in her money or investments, as long as the checks came rolling in on time. It had made her the perfect target.

The money being gone wasn’t even the worst part. The worst part had come when she had been thrown in jail. She wasn’t the only model Alejandro had been swindling, and somehow, he had managed to implicate her in the whole thing. Her name and status had been enough to get her a good lawyer, even though she wasn’t able to pay for him at the moment. Christopher Bale, attorney to the stars. It had been easy enough for him to pull the necessary strings to get her out of jail, but that was all he had been able to do. Her credit cards were frozen, and her bank accounts were empty. Her contracts had all been reneged, and the paparazzi were camped out outside her L. A. home. She needed a quiet place to get away, to regroup in peace outside the scathing eyes of the media.

She owned properties, several of them, but she wasn’t allowed to leave the state. So that was out. With no money or credit cards, she couldn’t hide out the way she usually would, by renting a private villa somewhere, or at the very least, a luxurious penthouse suite in some swanky hotel. No doubt the paparazzi would find her no matter where she went anyway.

She was out of options. There was only one place she could go, and she was almost there, she realized. Her family’s cabin just outside of Tahoe, at Lake Holly, was her only hope. She hadn’t heard anything about it since her father’s death, but that only meant he had left it to her brother, Mason. It made sense that he would have done that. Mase loved that silly little cabin. Angel had good memories there too, of course, but she didn’t love it the way Mase had. She would have to call her brother tomorrow and let him know where she was, and that she was okay. Maybe, if she called early enough, she would get his voicemail, and not have to actually talk to him. That would be best. She hadn’t spoken to Mase since after her father’s funeral. She didn’t want to talk to him now, when her troubles were laid out across the front page of every gossip rag in the country.

Luckily for her, she had a spare key to the cabin in her wallet. Three years ago, the last time she had been home for Christmas, her father had given her one, insisting that she take it, so that she would have a place to stay if she ever needed a vacation, or as he put it “a time-out,” from the glitz and glamour of her career.

At the time she had scoffed at him, insisting that if she needed a vacation, she would go somewhere a lot nicer than a beat up little cabin in the woods. She recalled the hurt look that had settled on his features at the same time she recalled the thrashing her boyfriend, Cole, had given her over it later that evening.

Cole. That was another reason she had never gone home after that fateful Christmas. Cole had been her boyfriend, her high school sweetheart, and at one time her manager. Cole was old-school, a throw back from another time. Faith and family and values. He had managed her career, and her ego, with a firm hand. He considered his main job as her manager to be “keeping her grounded,” even if it meant at times he actually grounded her!

That was the year she had dumped him that fateful Christmas had been the end, and she had spent every Christmas and birthday since trying to forget. This year would be no different in that regard. But, it would be harder without the champagne flowing, the music blasting, and the millions of people surrounding her. This year, it would be just her, whatever ancient bottle of her father’s scotch she could rustle up in the abandoned cabin, and her memories. Including those of Cole.

Those memories always hit her harder at Christmas anyway, and it would be much more so this year. If she could pinpoint the exact moment her life had taken a wrong turn on the road to disaster, it would be the last Christmas she had spent with her family, and with him.

Shame washed over her at the memories as she turned down the long gravel road that would lead her to the log cabin at the lake.

* * * * *

Cole Evans read the headlines to the gossip rags as he stood in line at the local mercantile, and shook his head. He was surprised Old Man Percy even stocked such crap. He fought the urge to rip each and every one of them off the shelves, and buy them up so that no one else could. If Angel’s father was still alive, Cole knew he would have done just that to save the man who was like a father to him the pain of having to see the atrocious lies being written about his only daughter.

Instead, he laid the meager contents of his shopping cart out on the conveyor belt, and bit his tongue.Tomorrow was Christmas Eve, but to him, it was just another day. Gone were the lavish family Christmas celebrations of the past. He'd never had a family to celebrate with, until he met Mason Davis when he was ten years old. Hearing that his grandfather didn’t celebrate the holiday, Mason had dragged him home to celebrate with his family. The Davis clan had become his second family, and he had celebrated every Christmas with them for sixteen years, until Will died last year.

Sure, Mase was still on him, inviting him to spend the holiday weekend with him and his wife, Becca, but Cole was noncommittal. He fully intended to call Mase with an excuse, just as soon as he could come up with a good one.

He was yanked from his musings by the gravelly voice of Old Man Percy. “Cole Evans! Back for another Christmas with the Davis family, I take it?”

Cole sighed. He came to the market here once a month, and had this same conversation every time. Old Man Percy was ninety if he was a day, and a sweet old soul, but his memory was failing.

“No, Mr. Percy,” he reminded the man patiently. “Will died. He left the cabin to me, remember? I live there now.”

Old Man Percy regarded him with a blank stare, and muttered under his breath. Cole held back a chuckle as he picked out the words “crazy youngsters,” as well as a few other choice phrases.

Then Percy turned his gaze solemnly back to Cole, and his next words seemed almost lucid. “Damn shame about Lil' Angel. Media always turning things around to make a buck or two. Old Will would be turning over in his grave for sure with this latest scandal. Reckon that’s why she came up here for the holidays this year. Needed to hide from the media and them ol’ paparazzi.”

Cole just nodded to Mr. Percy and gathered up his bags, leaving the store after bidding a Merry Christmas over his shoulder. There wasn’t much else he could say to a man who was clearly muddling past and present. Angel Davis hadn’t been back to Lake Holly in three years, and Cole was certain that she would never return.

In his eyes, she was too much of a coward to face the music from the people she had hurt when she left. Not to mention the reckoning that he would surely give her if he ever laid eyes on her again.

Cole counted walking away when she lashed out as the biggest mistake he had ever made. He should have laid her out and burned up her bottom until she came to her senses. Maybe then their lives wouldn’t have gotten so messed up.

But her words had cut him to the quick, and he had been young and stubborn, and determined to give her what she thought she wanted. He should have known better.

Cole whistled to himself as he drove back up the mountain to his cabin in the woods. Yes, sir, Angel Davis knew better than to come anywhere near him, that was for sure. The day she came back into his life would be the day she paid for her mistakes, and the pain they had been causing everyone every day since.

To this day, he dreamed of going back to that fateful night, and having a redo. And every single time, his redo involved her over his knee, while he striped her bottom red with his belt, until she came to her senses and started acting like his Angel again.

For the woman the world knew as Angelique, Cole Evans knew as a little girl with pigtails and skinned knees, and a baby doll that went everywhere with her. And, later a young woman, who danced with him at her sweet sixteen. His first kiss and his first love.


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#WIPItUpWednesday- If You Want To Speak To His Wife and Beloved Submissive You Must Ask Nicely #RomanceNovel #SpankingRomance #MF

Hello WIPsters!  It's Wednesday and I'm throwing my hat into the ring!  I've got a WIP for my first and hopefully not the last erotic romance that features a lot of spanking and one hot hero!

The excerpt I have for you today is book one or book two in my upcoming untitled menage series.  Below is a pic of the hottie who is my inspiration for the MC of the story and excerpt that I'm showing you guys today! 

My Inspiration for Brock

Our hunky, hero and MC, Brock has come home from a trip abroad and he has spent his first night back with Tally his wife.  He is a strict no-nonsense Dom and he wants to spend some uninterrupted time with his wife but the phone and his wife's best friend has other plans...


A sharp trilling sound echoed in Brock's ears.  He rolled over and ignored it.  This time louder, it chased away his nice rest and forced him to open his eyes.  The cell phone on the nightstand beside him vibrated as it trilled.

“Yeah,” he said answering it.

“Where's Tally?” the woman asked.

“She's sleeping.”  Which was what he was going to do once he hung up.

“Can I speak to her?” she asked.

“I don't know, can you?” he asked irritated.

It was a fine line between good manners and proper grammar when a person woke him out of a perfectly good sleep. Actually, there wasn't but she was being rude and he didn't feel like giving in to her bad behavior.  He rubbed his eyes and sighed.  They were always itchy when he woke up from a deep sleep.

She sighed.  “Oh, I forgot.  Hi, Brock.”

He recognized the snarky tone, it was Marnie Park, Tally's best friend.  She was instrumental in getting Tally to agree to go out with him, if it wasn't for that, he'd have no patience for her and he wouldn't have allowed Tally to associate with her.

“Hi Marnie. Can denotes ability, may is asking for permission. Now ask properly,” he said.  He liked twisting her screws because she got a kick out of annoying him. She was one woman who was in desperate in need of a Dom who wanted a brat.

“Alright, I’ll play along because this is important. May I speak with Tally?”

“Yes, you may,” he said.

He rolled onto his back and then turned and gazed at Tally.  Her hair splayed over her face and the edge of the sheet on the tips of her nipples looked so sexy and sweet, he could make love to her right now.  But Marnie would call incessantly and interrupt that.

“Honey wake up,” he said.


Okay, thanks for reading.  I'll get back to writing. There are probably a ton of typos, I'm sorry but this is right out of the first draft. I know weird hunh? But I couldn't wait to show you. I promise there will be more, so come back regularly to see more excerpts from all of my WIPs.  Until then go see what my fellow WIPsters are offering below!

Kara Paul...

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