Thursday, August 10, 2017

Is it Called A #Menage or #Polyamory #EroticRomance? #RomanceNovels With 3+ People. Where Do You Fall In The Debate?

Recently a good friend of mine, who is an author as well, were talking about books. Specifically erotic romances that feautures three or more people who were in love and in a committed exclusive relationship with each other.

She characterized this type of a relationship as polyamory.  I always considered it a menage a (fill in the french number here).

I asked her why she believed these type of books and romances were called and she gave me a very detailed, cogent and well thought out explanation.

It was so good I decided to open up this discussion to include other erotic romance authors who write in this genre as well as readers and publishers who ultimately categorize and sell the books!

I welcome all thoughtful and well meaning, non-judgmental and non-hostile discussion and thoughts on the matter.

Feel free to comment on this blog and upcoming posts from some of the best authors in this genre!

-Happy Reading

Clare Dargin


  1. I'd never given this any thought before, but I think you're friend is right. Polyamory deals with individuals in a non-monogamous alliance who are in a deeply committed relationship. Menage is three people in a bed together. If it's a romance with a HEA, the relationship dynamics are undoubtedly more polyamory than menage. I thought the terms were interchangeable unless marriage was involved. I always believed non-monogamous marriages were polyamorous, not menages. But if you weren't married, it was a menage. Learn something new every day.

  2. I'm going to enjoy joining in on this discussion!


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